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    Soul of Belial

    Heero Villenn
    Heero Villenn

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    Primary: Soul of Belial

    Soul of Belial Empty Soul of Belial

    Post by Heero Villenn on Mon Jun 17, 2013 2:14 am

    Character Magic

    Name: Soul of Belial
    Holder/Caster: Caster
    Element/aspect: Soul/Fire | Darkness

    • Strength - 8
    • Speed - 8
    • Stealth - 4
    • Agility - 8
    • Durability - 7

    Description: A devil's soul is his greatest weapon and utilizing it is how they fight. Heero is no exception. Igniting his soul and using the scorching flames is how he fights. The flames have an incredible destructive power and are pale blue in color making them hotter than usual flames. Spells are categorized into two categories: Regular spells, and black techs.

    Regular spells: Just as they say, their regular spells.

    Black Techs: Incredibly powerful techniques utilizing an unfathomable amount of destructive power. Black techs tap directly into Heero's devil blood and mixes that dark power with his burning soul creating a dual colored black and blue flame. These techs directly influence Heero more than releasing the seals in becoming a full fledged demon and using them to much or improper usage will cause Heero to become a full-fledged devil.

    -High Destructive power.
    -No elemental weakness (except holy)

    Weaknesses: Has a high chance of turning the user into a full-fledged demon. Can burn clothing that isn't built to specifically resist his fire.

    -Holy magic, Holy relics, and Holy water (all of which burn)

    -Devil form: Heero releases his power and can now utilize his magic. A majority of Heero's spells require him to use this. Heero's body is cloaked in blue flame which will passively deal D-rank damage each time physical contact is made for a prolonged time. This means someone needs to grab him or vice versa or something akin to that and just punching or kicking him will not take damage. His strength also increases +1 respectively.

    -Devil Senses: Heero has heightened hearing,scent, and at night vision but can also see souls. Heero is also capable of eating souls although it's not something he makes a habit of doing. Heero prefers souls that have been tainted black with sin if given an option as pure souls taste bitter and just plain awful. The souls of Rapists and Mass murders are Heero's personal favorites. Demon and Devil souls also taste delicious to Heero.

    D-rank spells:
    Devil's strike
    Rank: D
    Mana: 25
    Type: Fire
    Prerequisites: N/A
    Description: Heero coats his fist or foot in fire and punches or kicks the person. This attack can be used consecutively without rest because of it's blatant simplicity. It's a fire coated punch or kick.
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: None

    Rank: D
    Mana: 25
    Type: Fire
    Pre-requisites: Physical contact and devil form active
    Description:Heero grabs onto his opponent and coats them with blue flames. Objects can also be coated with flames to increase their damage. Deals first degree burns each turn the target is on fire.

    flamable objects ignited are destroyed after 5 turns (excluding PC's)
    duration: 3 posts
    Cooldown: 5 posts

    ~Unnamed fireball spell~
    Rank: D
    Mana: 25
    Type: Fire
    pre-requisites: devil form active
    Description: Heero Concentrates a small amount of flames into the palm of his hand and fires a pale blue fire ball. The fire ball has a small 3 inch stream behind it and deals 1st degree burns under normal circumstances.
    Duration: 1 post.
    Cooldown: 2 posts

    Moonlight Healing
    Rank: D
    Mana: 25
    Type: Fire
    pre-requisites: N/A
    Description: Heero uses a weak flame to heat up a wound and force the blood to cowagulate and seal the wound shut. Can be used without utilizing his devil form.

    This spell can only stop bleeding and can't prevent infection to a wound nor does it get rid of the wound so larger wounds tend to reopen. Although it can deal with more Moderate wounds it does not get rid of the wound and this technique is not useful in combat. All it does is stop bleeding.
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 3 posts

    C-rank spells:

    Lunar Flare
    Rank: C
    Mana: 50
    pre-requisites: devil form
    Description: Heero shoots a 'beam' of fire out of his hands incinerating flammable objects on contact (excluding PCs which take the regular damage). Basically a blue flamethrower. Deals first degree burns from a distance but can deal second degree burns from point blank range.
    Duration: 1 post
    Cooldown: 3 posts

    Night Reaver
    Rank: C
    Mana Cost: 50
    Type: Fire
    Pre-requisites: Devil form active
    Description: The blue flames around Heero's arms and hands all condenses towards his claws as he rakes an opponent with the pale blue flames and firing out hte slashes of flame forward leaving 1st to 2nd degree burns on a target depending on distance. The flames on Heero's arms are restored passively and almost instantly.
    Duration instant
    cooldown 4 posts

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    Jayzaku Vista
    Jayzaku Vista

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    Soul of Belial Empty Re: Soul of Belial

    Post by Jayzaku Vista on Thu Jun 20, 2013 12:08 am


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