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    Savaris (Complete)


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    Savaris (Complete) Empty Savaris (Complete)

    Post by Savaris on Mon Jun 17, 2013 3:28 am



    The Huntress or Savage Savy

    Age: 23


    Guild: Royal Military

    Guild Mark: Grey, left shoulder blade

    Savaris is medium skin toned and stands at an average height of five feet eight inches from head to toe. Her white-blonde hair is down to the back of her knees which she keeps the length tamed by having it in a rather thick braid that reaches to the back of her knees and ties the tip around a large golden ring that has no magical properties. The front of her hair as part of the back is cut shorter than the hair for the braid giving the rest of her hair a wilder, untamed look. Her outfit consists of dark brown tights with a single green stripe around her left thigh under a green off the shoulders long sleeved dress that is cut short toward the front as well as being topped over the chest by white colored armor. Her feet are covered by boots and those boots are then covered up to her shin in thick white bandages. Around her neck is a ‘collar’ of sorts that has a large costume bell attached to the front and under that is a large green scarf. Over her usually bare shoulders she does wear a sort of ‘detachable’ flap of flared armor plates that is removed for quicker physical combat and seems to only add to a more ‘fearsome’ look. Around her wrists are a couple of golden bracelets to match her golden braid ring as well as having a matching head band of a thin gold circlet with a downward pointed triangle in the center of her forehead.
    Feline features: Cat like blue-green eyes, feline mouth- fangs included, elongated cat like ears that have fur across the surface. Has a heightened sense of smell as well as hearing due to the spiritual mutation inherited from her parents.

    Savaris (Complete) Tumblr_lxpv1mcmNZ1r2mmb2o1_400


    Savaris is simply Savaris. She acts the way she wants even if it is going to offend others or make her look rather horrible. She knows people need to filter their words at times; otherwise you can end up with your head removed by a sensitive cry-baby. She holds back at times, but overall she will just say what she wants when she wants and damn the consequences. Savaris is known to get sudden spurts of rage that have been known to close down entire districts in a town when she rampages especially when she has had a few drinks. She also uses her blunt attitude to get her way as she will bully people to get out of her way or simply to try and get them to agree with her point of view especially when she has had a few drinks usually those that still do not get out of her way usually leads to her rampages.

    She mostly acts like a tough-ball: ready to head-butt the first person to piss her off, or punch the first bitch to get in her face, but she really is a softy at heart
    who will go all googley-eyed over an adorable animal or child. Savaris is that
    crazy girl you want to know, yet know once you do you are stuck with her in
    your memory until you die. She loves goofing off at times, but only if there is something fun to do during such a time. The only people she gives respect to those that earn it from her. Everyone just better get in line to get a chance to be graced with her respect, for it’s a respect that will lead to a wonderful ally who
    will die to protect her comrades and their beliefs. She takes her duties seriously despite her attitude and demeanor and never gives up until the final bell.

    Most animals, kids, booze, brawls, music, and helping others even if it means dealing with idiots.
    Poachers, cowards, careless parents, disrespect, people who cannot handle a joke or take things too seriously, and the occasional crying baby (but she would be the first to try and cheer the infant up).

    Singing; a strange hobby she has picked up over the years, but she likes it.

    Drinking; not truly a hobby, but it does help her to unwind after a day. And that is more of a fear to everyone else around her.

    Snoozing in the sun; oddly the only time she really and truly relaxes is when she is just sunbathing which she jokes at times is why her skin is so perfectly tan colored.

    Large dogs; Mostly due to an instinctive fear to the creatures.

    Her big mouth getting her killed; It’s always in the back of her mind, and she knows it might do just that if not just get her in trouble with someone close.

    Failing a comrade; yeah she is mostly for herself, but the thought that an action of her's could get a friend killed is always in the back of her mind screaming at her.

    Inspiration: Her inspiration is the want to become stronger, to be the big cat as it were and use that power to help others around her and at the same time make a name for herself without it having to be a name soaked in blood. She does not want to be the person who stands on other's backs and shoulders to reach the top but more of the person they willingly put there. Her big mouth and attitude may hinder this dream, but she knows if she works hard enough and if people get to know her better she can get where she wants.


    In East Forest used to be a secret cult of mages who use to bind souls of animals to specially selected infants. This might sound barbaric even cruel, but what it would allow was the child to become a magical vessel to that beast as well as having their own magic on top. The cult would go through the world of war torn Fiore and steal children to try and create their own army to one day rise up and take over the land. To use these Beast Children to unleash their power given and born into to brutally kill anyone that stood in the way of the cult. The cult was short lived on these thoughts as the war escalated they were also pulled into it and most of them and their children slaughtered. The surviving cultist retreated to the East Forest where they waited and plotted through the recovery, only to again be found and obliterated by those working for the side of justice. There were twenty beast children during that siege, all but two were hunted down and killed to protect the world from any harm they would have caused.

    Savaris was not one of these children, two of them were her parents though. Her mother was infused with the soul of a tiger as her father was infused with that of a lion. They survived the years growing up in secret and raising their children in the forest. Savaris is the the 3rd in a family of 13 children. She has two older brothers and the rest of her siblings are all boys, her being the only girl in the family. One could contribute this to her attitude as she was raised with nothing but brothers meaning with only her mother being the 'female' role-model she never got the reason or training to be girly girl. Her mother was a tough woman, due to her past and her need to survive for her children she is just as rough and tough as any man, so Savaris took to copying her in that aspect, too. Savaris plays hard and that's because if you did not play hard your brothers just beat you up!

    At the age of 15 she left her family, her older brothers had left, too, and they just never came home. Her parents said it was because they were killed or found something worth staying away for; she wanted to know what was worth more then family in the outside world. She left to travel, stopping in town after town enduring the stares, the questions, the insults, the brutality of the world that looked at her like a freak or a monster. She had met others that looked just as weird as her, but her appearance always seemed to bring in a new level of prejudiced from others. She could not find what was so wonderful of this world to stay away from home. All she met were either nice people, or jerks. People who treated you like crap when you were different, or better then they were at something. And when you did find a nice person you had to be careful because they could just be trying to stab you in the back.  Life was just proving that leaving the safety of the forest with her family was stupid as hell.

    But still she traveled, she did jobs, she did missions to help others. Above all the pain she went through, all the ridicule, all the drama... She still helped others. She saved people even though she never appears like the type to give a crap about others. She will punch a person in a bar brawl, but not five minutes later save that same person from the bar fire that started because of the fight; which she did who turned out to be a true friend. Michael Autress, 25, was a friend to the end with her, probably the first 'normal' person not to judge her for how she looked, but at the same time never tried anything to flirt or advance at her in that way. He was her bro. He assisted her into learning to read, a skill she never had the use for in the forest, and was admitting she would need it to get better missions as asking people to read fliers for you was a bit embarrassing she learned. He taught her numbers and sums, even though he himself was not all that good at them. It was like having an older brother back in her life, despite him not being so furry. He even helped with some of her anger problems she was having, telling to to 'chill out'  whenever she was about to snap, he was her original filter on life and she knows she would have died if it was not for him back then. Part of her had given up on finding her brothers, but that same part kept her from going back to see her family. She traveled with Michael being guildless with him to get Jewels and try and carve a name into the world together. He was the Hunter with his Arrow Magic and she was the Huntress with her Thunder Beast magic pretty known on the underground and fought to do the right thing, so long as it paid; he instilled a sort of greedy need for jewel in her mind.

    But by the age of 19 she was starting to feel the weight of the guilt in her heart, the guilt of not going home. Cubs usually ran off on their own and lived their own lives, but the human part of her soul wanted family... She took Michael with her back to the East Forest with her to try and track down her large assortment of brothers and parents... Only to find the little homestead her parents had worked hard to make burned to the ground... along with 12 skinned corpses hanging from the trees around the area. When she had left her youngest sibling had only been just born; seeing those corpses was something that just caused the wave of guilt to break through. It took Michael and her all day to dig the graves and take the bodies down, and all night to bury and give whatever rights was needed to be given. Savaris' family had no religion, but she knew they had souls, be it animal or human at this point she did not know or care. There was a small village outside of the Forest, used mostly by big game hunters and trappers, and thugs, and bandits, all the lowlifes knew how to get to this small village... But so did Savaris. She saw the pelts of her family hung on display, and all the anger of the years of travel started to build and build and build up until it was almost to bursting. She remembered she wanted to kill them all, to slaughter them and skin them and display their skins like trophies.

    It was there that Michael placed a hand on her shoulder and looked at her, "You can kill them if you want, but it won't change a damn thing, you want revenge? Justice? I bet half these fuckers are wanted, if you want revenge beat the fuck out of them and turn them in." His words were bitter sweet to hear. If anything they just added to her anger, justice, revenge all the same thing only the drive behind it was what made it different. She wanted neither, she just wanted them to die.  She looked at the pelts of her family, dried, lifeless, not even looking real to her and then at a few of the poachers that she could see. That day she walked away, she just could not understand what she wanted to do, the guilt of not being there, the guilt of not just going animal and killing all the bastards, the guild of the thought of guilt it was just so much bullshit in her mind. Michael went with her, and she seemed a different person from then, bitter snappy at everyone. Yeah she did do something Michael suggested, she lead the rebuilt MC to the village where it was raided and everyone was arrested and anyone who resisted was killed, but she still felt guilt and bitterness in her heart; she just did not know how to react to the situation, she was just so numb..

    For a year she was like this, and it was straining her friendship with Michael to the point that she knew he was going to leave her behind as soon as he got the right push. Sadly that push was a spear through his chest during a mission they were on. They were hunting down a thief who had stolen something from some snooty noble family member, most likely some jewelry or some trinket. They were chasing the guy when they found that they had lost them. They burst into an argument dragging out the last year of grief at each other. And just as Savaris was about to apologize, to try and stabilize their friendship, she found her face covered in blood and the spear tip poking against her nose.  Savaris had then ripped the thief to literal pieces, the only thing to identify him was the sack of his stolen goods soaked with his blood. Michael died in her arms, all her rage drained then, all the sorrow and guilt burning out as she cried over his corpse.  Michael was big on finishing a mission no matter what, she remembered a time she had to carry him back to get a reward because he had broken his leg and he wanted to get paid before going to the healers. She tossed the bloody sack to the mission giver while carrying Michael over her shoulder; his blood soaking into her clothing and hair.

    For three years after that she worked alone, she also only took missions that required her to capture enemies of the state or high ranked thugs. A new goal was in her mind now, she had no family now, her older brothers were dead, Michael Augress included. She wanted to have power, she wanted to get to a place she could have access to power and possible be a voice to change things, if not directly maybe just slip an idea. She had seen injustice in her travels, in her missions, in her past, and she knew it would be there in her future. What better way to fix things then to be noticed by those that created the laws or at least passed judgement. She was not some clean cut kid of some royal family, she was an 'urchin' who lived from mission reward to mission reward, but maybe that was for the best. You could trust an urchin to tell the truth, those of nobility were trained to be liers with fake smiles and hollow words. Sure some urchins were liers and cheats too, but Savaris was blunt to the core, and she figured it would either one day kill her or get her somewhere. She was finally decided to try a way to get things done for the world, but doing what she saw as a way to protect others as well as get noticed to gain rank and power. Savaris would join the Royal Military and see where it would get her, sure her attitude would chafe with the higher ups she could predict that but she knew she was exactly what this new Fiore needed. She was the loud mouth, blunt, rough and tough bitch Fiore needed, but not the one it wanted.

    RP sample:

    "Feel me in your arms, feel me crying in those folded limbs. Hold me now please, just hold me now. I just wanna cry tonight, just tonight, because tomorrow I know you have to go." A soft yet rough sounding voice sang softly into the air, her white bangs fluttering against a slight moist breeze. The air was thick and warm and her voice barely carried away from her throat. She sighed softly as she rubbed her hands against her face rubbing at the skin until it felt painful to keep going. She was sitting under a tree her legs curled up under her body as her hands were rested behind her head keeping most of her hair from touching the rough bark. It was raining; the world was a grey mess of rainclouds and a light yet constant downpour. A soft rumble of thunder pulsed in the background causing the woman’s long feline ears to flex and twitch to the sound. It’s about twenty minutes away from getting pretty bad, she thought as she pushed herself up from the ground patting down her outfit to get the dirt and bits of grass off. Savaris had been sitting under this tree for about thirty minutes hoping the rain would stop by now, but as she heard the thunder she knew it was way from being over. She did not mind the rain, it was just the mugginess of the air, it reminded her of home and that was always a bad wound to pick at. With a groan Savaris stretched out her arms cracking both her shoulders a bit before looking at the sky through the tree branches.
    It was almost a rich silver color with lumps of dark grey and she saw a pulse of the white as trapped lightening danced under the surface. It was followed after a moment by a deep thunder that again caused the woman’s ears to flex and twitch. She took a deep panted breath, the air was warm and thick with moisture from the hot rain, and she then proceeded to walk into it allowing the steady downpour to run across her hair and over her shoulder covers. She just wanted to get back to her quarters, which were a good twenty minutes away with a walk. So she walked, she did not run- running was stupid to do in the rain; slipping and falling was even stupider. ”In the rain I hear your voice saying ‘Hello’, but when I look to the sky I just hear ‘Goodbye’. Where are you when I needed you the most? Oh Oh! You’re just the guy who left me, standing at the station. Oh Oh! But then why do I still stand here waitin’? Oh oh.” She sang to herself as she walked reaching up and lightly pushing some her damp bangs from her face her ears hung low as the feeling of the rain made them feel uncomfortable.
    Her boots made squishing sounds against the ground as she knew she would have to put fresh bandages around the footwear. She never really expected it to rain, sure she had some inner feeling about it, but just an hour ago the sun was shining and everything! A flash of lightening occurred then followed by a roll of thunder boomed across the sky. Savaris blinked at the blinding light but felt a small shiver run up her spine. She loved the stormy weather, for the lightning and thunder rumbled in her chest and electrified her soul bringing warmth to her core. ”I loved him before he knew me; I hated him when he spoke to me. And I will kill him when he gets close. I’m a crazy kind of girl, trying to live in a civil world. she snorted at her own singing then, that was just a horrible lyric. She shook her head causing water to spray outwards into the rain as she just kept walking knowing she would have to take a hot shower and put on something warmth, nothing worse than a sick cat.

    Face claim: Aisha Clan Clan | Outlaw Star

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    I will be reviewing this app when it's complete.

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    yeah yeah bump
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