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    Sanako Ryoma


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    Sanako Ryoma Empty Sanako Ryoma

    Post by Sanako on Tue Jun 18, 2013 8:58 am

    Sanako Ryoma Ookami10
    General Info

    Name: Sanako Ryoma
    Nickname: Sano, Sana, Ako
    Age: 17
    Rank: D-rank

    Guild: Luna Soul
    Guild Mark: on the back of her neck

    Appearance: Sanako is a petite girl. She's 1.65m and almost flat chested. She doesn't care a bit about it as it keeps perverts away. Her eyes are a light brown and matches with her brown hair. Her hair is very long stopping at her hip and mostly worn in a lose tail. She also wears it lose but tries not to as t gets into the way when fighting and stuff. Her normal outfit is black with red and kinda has the look of a school uniform expect for the bottom. Thats a long skirt thats open on the sides and brown boots under it. If she wears something else they are no skirts or dresses. She only wears those on special days or happenings. The brown hair, big eyes and the expressions she sometimes makes make her sometimes slightly give her a cat like look. Most of the times her face has a stern look.
    Sanako Ryoma Ookami11
    Sanako Ryoma 12179210
    Sanako Ryoma B46fc010
    Abnormalities: N/A


    Personality: Sanako shows herself as a very strong person. It looks like she is not scared of anything and is very strong willed. She wants her dreams to become reality and will do everything what it takes to get to her goal. She speaks her mind and can sometimes be mean as the truth hurts sometimes. This girl is a bit of a tomboy. Getting into a fight with someone is a thing that happens often. She does not care about a lot of things and does not really act girly most of the times. This girl has a big dislike for pervereted guys and is not scared to beat them up for even the slingetst thing they say or do. Sometimes this girl is feared for being straight forwards and not scared to hurt someone physically.

    Even thought she acts like this most of the time the real sanako has a really big heart. She can be sweet and nice when she wants to. This girl will most likely never been seen sad or crying. She has been enough sad and lost enough tears in the past that she is over that. She is very passionate about her believes and dreams. No one can stop her or change her thoughts on it. She hates weak people and thinks life is the greatest thing a human can have. They should live it at the fullest.

    - Animals: this girl loves animals a lot. She especially likes cats, foxes, dogs and wolves a lot.
    - Training: Sanako likes to train her magic or just train her strength so she will never fear anything ever again or lose people.
    - Food: Even though this girl is very thin she eats a lot and loves it. Especially sweet things.
    - Winning: Who doesn't like to win a battle or something else.
    - Her pet: Sanako has a pet that has been with her for some time now. She loves it and will do everything to protect it.
    - Evil: because of her history she hates every tiny bit of evil. She wants to make all evil dissapear and create a better world.
    - Guys/Perverts: she dislikes guys or mostly guys that are perverts. 
    - Being alone: Sanako doesn't like the feeling of being lonely and want's to have people around her as much as possibly. 
    - Losing: This is a thing she does not like to happen. Since she had already lost so much in the past she never wants to lose anything ever again and will try her very best to win everything.
    - Dragon slayers: Sanako thinks they don't deserve to have this power. The one she knew did not at least. He was a coward and was to scared to fight a real dragon.
    -  Training: Sanako likes to train herself in every way she can to become stronger and fulfill her goal.
    - Going on adventures: Exploring the world, learning new things. This is what she likes to do mostly. She loves some action.
    - Daydreaming: You can't really see this as a hobby but it is something she does daily. Dreaming away about things.
    - Dragons/monsters: this is a fear that comes from the past. She fears the things that destroyed her home town and associates everything looking a tiny bit like them with it.
    - Death: She remembers seeing it, death people on the ground, people screaming for their lives. This girl has a very strong will to live and does not want to die or want to see others die.
    - Losing people: She has already lost to much people and hates the feeling. She fears to lose more people she cares about.
    - Loving people: She somehow fears to fall in love. She fears for the pain love can give you and fear to lose that important person. 

    Inspiration: since Sanako lost all her family and loved ones from the past she feels like she has has has to live for them. Making them proud, letting all evil dissaear from this world. She will not give up and get stronger to create perfect world so no one will ever have to lose their loved ones.

    Character Background

    History: Sanako grew up on a town far away. One that does no longer excist anymore. It was wiped out on that day hell payed a visit. There where only a few survivers and this girl was one of them. Her whole family was killed leaving her as the only living one of the ryoko family. She romised she would train, get stronger and most important live on. She will face the one that made that day into a hell and kill it. The will of this girl is so strong making her ably to fight back until the very end.

    The town she grew up in was small. It layed far away from the rest of the living world. Most people would probably have never heard of it. Many years after the great war the town was finaly build up again. It was piecefull and no one ever knew a day like this would come.

    The sky was clear blue and the sun shining bright. A small girl was watching the sky. She had no wories and lives a life a lot of children would dream of. Her father was a soldier, something this girl also wanted to become when she was old enough. But in the end... She never joined the military. 

    "I still remember it clearly. Mama, papa, i wish i had the power to save you back then but i was just a little girl with no power."

    The sky became dark. A giant shadow had blocked the sun and was flying at the town in high seed. Sanako was watching it, a thing only heard of in fairy tail. A giant dragon was approaching the town. The young girl could not keep her eyes away from it. People dropped their things and stopped doing what they where doing, watching the sky. Chaos was created. People start running, screaming or trying to attack the monster. Sanako was frozen. All she could do was watch. The dragon beast turned the town into a pool of crimson colors. Buildings where destroyed and people had lost their family's. The people that had still survived feared for their lives, hiding in the shadows. Smaller monsters had joined the dragon in the town. Not letting any human leave this town alive. 


    "Sanako get away from there" her mother screamed running to the young girl jumping before her. The dragon smacked the woman to the ground with his claw. The young girl was saved by her mother but was now alone. "sanako... run.. find your dad... and live" was spoken softly before the woman was eaten by the dragon. Sanako did what was said and started to run home. When she got inside she did not believe her eyes. She saw her father dead on the ground. He had shot himself in the head. Probably because he felt as if dying was the only option. There was no escape. A feeling of disappointment that her father, working for the military had such a low believe in life. 


    "You need to save us! your a dragon slayer. why don't you do something." The young Sanako yelled at one of her friends. He had the power to make an end of all this but yet he did nothing. It made Sanako angry but she could understand he was scared. The head of the dragon turned their way. Frozen in fear they felt the dragon look at them. "RUN!" on of the group of kids yelled and they all started to run. Just when that was yelled the dragon began chasing after them. They ran into a dead end but there was a way to escape. They had to climb the wall. The monster opened it mouth ready to eat the dragon slayer kid. His eyes grew wide and somehow he got this weird reaction. He pushed one of the kid's next to him forwards in order to get not eaten himself. All the kids where shocked but where not stopping and ran from the dragon. 


    Than the day came they where going to be free again. Strong mages had traveled to this place to save the very few people still alive. The monsters and the dragon where defeated. After all this the monsters and the dragon where discovered to not even be real. They where created by a dark magic but where it came from stayed a mystery. Tears fel from Sanako's face as she watched what remained from the town. "How.. How coud you" she said softly as the dragon slayer was standing next to her. "You wanted me to do something and so i did. I saved my own life." he said and with that he turned his back walking away and to be never seen even again. After that this girl was all alone. She felt sadness of her loss but also a lot of anger that she could do nothing. She was going to become strong. She would never let something like this ever happen again. That was the moment a power inside her awoke. Giving her the magical strengt she never had. 

    RP sample: uguu

    Face claim: ookami ryoko - okami san

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