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    ChannyShiro [WIP part 2]


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    ChannyShiro [WIP part 2] Empty ChannyShiro [WIP part 2]

    Post by channyshiro on Wed Jun 19, 2013 6:49 am

    General Info

    Name: ChannyShiro Yuki
    Nickname: Void princess
    Age: 18
    Rank: D-rank

    Guild: Guildless
    Guild Mark: N/A (since I'm guildless)

    Appearance: Channy is a tall with purple eyes along with purple hair. she also can be seen with two outfits or maybe costumes. her first outfits are like this (since I can't describe it)
    first clothing:
    ChannyShiro [WIP part 2] Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRo7Yjsqrx4PG4ylvOc7LtYfgqoYu5zE_cB1TMnFrMgabDNa3Gz
    and sometimes she wears black dress and black bow in her head. sometimes, she acts so rough and naughty but deep inside, she is very sweet. she also see people like they were invincible. Channy always ignore someone who yell her and tell something bad for her. sometimes, she acts sweet so that people compliment her.
    Other outfits:
    Dimension witch:
    ChannyShiro [WIP part 2] Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQAtojA8s3-LRCff7W9RK45KpmJV2JZ4W8kdFRQxO_KlebkvW7c
    Elemental master:
    ChannyShiro [WIP part 2] Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS5nk4R2FM3icZL-PCtfnpTpb8-gLm5kZAPgTJSjn_fWdhQ-pJW2Q

    Abnormalities: N/A


    Channy is like a dark-sided girl. she has no intention to respect everyone. she are cold-hearted too. sometimes, she respect only her best friend. she hates to admit her feelings on others. she always wear a ghost expression. like ignoring everybody, laugh when nobody is there and maybe smile without someone in her side. she also not type of girl who likes to talk and chat. she only focus on her dark magic. her cold behavior has make people to stay away from her. she loves to steal food and assassinate people who makes fun of her. she also use her own dark magic and staff to create miserable future. not just because of that, she loves the darkness because of her younger sister, Komame is her sister's name. Channy hates Komame because of her beauty, expression and her own action. in other words, everything about Komame. her anger has make her to be evil.

    -cheesy cookies
    -her family
    -her past
    -facing a person who useless

    [being alone: she has no right to be with "friends". the only thing who understand her is Darky, her bat.
    -eating cheese: Channy loves to eats cheese because it is so tasty.
    -practicing her magic: she must be strong to face stronger opponent an claim her dream to destroy Komame.

    -Friends, Channy do not want to interact with them because they will make her remember Komame.
    -Losing, Channy also can't face this because her dream will not be claimed if she lost.
    -White cat, can be used to find her. she was afraid to be captured by the Police.

    -assassinating Komame: Komame has been a careful but cruel sister for her. the Pain that she left to Channy, It's not so easy to be removed. that's why she must kill Komame, so that the Pain left and she can be happy.

    Character Background

    history, It's too big:

    the Yuki family, or as known as The snowy family has one mystery that cannot be solved by anyone. and this is the mystery that makes Channy to hates her younger sister. It's started at Fire city 8th january 1 year ago, It was a warm day in fire city. there are clouds in the sky, creating happiness towards Channy and Komame. they are very excited for a tradition that allowed the Yuki family to give the youngest member a magic. well, the youngest is Komame but she refuse to have a magic and let her older sister, Channy to have a magic instead. at first, she is so happy and she barely cry because it's so touching. so, they go home to ask her mother. after a shord trip, they are home and her mother saw them. Komame! Channy! come here! dinner is ready . Komame and Channy puts their shoes in terrace while her father, Kiriga Yuki is reading a paper. now, all they have to do is ask her mother. Mother, can I have a magic? her mother stay silent with a scary eyes, she say What?! no! you have no reason to have any magic, at all! her teardrops are falling and her father scolded her mother. Komame are sad too, seeing her sister crying.

    Channy run into her own room and sitting in the window while picking up flower. she was plucking flower petals and throw it into the ground. however, she didn't realize that komame is seeing her. she (Komame) run to Channy and hug her tightly. and her teardrops has stop falling when she was hugged. then, one word has came to Komame's mind. Sister, cold you please wear this kimono? and go to the tradition? maybe father will allowed you to use magic . Channy replied to Komame by nodding. Let's go,Komame . they smile as they leave the room. and go to her father's room. they go to wear the Kimono that her mother gave. It is special for both of them because it was only for family tradition. they both has wear it, now is the time to go to the tradition.

    wow, it's very crowded. everyone want to see Komame have a magic. however, Komame wants to refuse to have magic. Father! I do not want to have magic but, sister wants it. could you just give the magic to her?! . Komame is crying and her father said "nope, you must have the magic " Channy was shocked and barely can't move. the Yuki family used lasers or mechanized things to have a magic. so, Komame have to feel the pain from the lasers. but Channy can't let her sister have that kind of pain. "here we go! " Father said so and then a laser wants to hit Komame. Zap! the sound of the laser hit someone. a cloud surrounding them and barely vanished. a sound of someone familiar has been heard. oh my, I guess maybe I was the one who was hit by the laser. . It was Channy! because her mood is angry or maybe uncomfortable, the laser hit her instead of Komame and make her evil. the Kimono was damaged and ripped. It turns into void princess's clothing. a bat appeared and says you people have no rights to take care of her, she has turned into Void Princess! the most feared princess ever existed!

    she leave the house and left a note that says:
    all people in here, I'm sorry I do it but Komame refuse to have any magic.
    I don't know why but at least take care of her. I can control my body for a few days. and If I can't control my body, then I will soon damage our family!
    Void princess, I love that Princess for a long time ago. and I'm proud to be one. however, Void princess loves to destroy things. so I cannot stay with all of you...
    just stay healthy and alive! maybe someday, there will be someone who can stop me. Bye-bye!
    her father cried and Komame has to confess something. Father! actually, I have magic powers too. I have the power to slay darkness. that is the reason I don't what anymore magic. however, there are limits for me to stay being human. I have ten years for now. I had make a contract with someone called familia. she said that someone in your family has fall into the darkness, I need you to defeat her so that she cannot use her powers. farewell! Komame! . her Father was so shocked but however, he had to hug his daughter now.
    Channy's family:
    ChannyShiro [WIP part 2] Elsword__s_family_xd_by_terara99-d4uhu2r

    RP sample: If you are seeking an early C-rank, Magic council status, Lost magic, or Slayer magic you must provide an rp sample to show you can handle or deserve the magic. No you may not pm it to us. It’s quality will decide if you are worthy of giving the title to. I should add that you only get one chance on this. If we say no then that's something your going to have to live with. Overall application quality will also be taken into account.

    Face claim: aisha | Game [

    ChannyShiro [WIP part 2] Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSXHZuDGksZaNt70lVesGA2UOq5BMrvXsBfz7Fiw8WXIE7g6GBK
    the darkness is near, my heart are filled with the darkness....
    if only light was punished and evil spreading.....
    it would be great right?, darky, your wish will be come true soon....
    Heero Villenn
    Heero Villenn

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    ChannyShiro [WIP part 2] Empty Re: ChannyShiro [WIP part 2]

    Post by Heero Villenn on Wed Jun 26, 2013 1:25 am

    I'm just checking to see if you are finished or not. It doesn't look to bad and I don't want to miss it.

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