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    A Luna Morning {Luna Soul}

    Victor Cross

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    A Luna Morning {Luna Soul}

    Post by Victor Cross on Sun Jun 23, 2013 4:28 pm

    Victor blew the smoke from his cigarette out of his lungs and into the air. There wasn’t much to say as the sun had started to rise. Victor just never got any sleep last night. It had become a monthly thing where he could never sleep on a half moon. That’s when his child and wife were killed. The next half moon he got his revenge. Now he was never able to sleep during the half-moon and had recently stopped trying. He just kicked back with his legs on a table and a cigarette in his hand.

    Just kicking back and trying not to think about it. He always failed but he could still try. It really is impossible to get those kinds of things out of your mind and Victor had learned that the hard way. Heero hadn’t arrived to cook breakfast and Victor couldn’t cook for himself and be able to eat it so he just sat there, a little drunk and a little high, and waited for him to wake up and come out of the pantry to make some food.

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