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    Mori Memento


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    Mori Memento Empty Mori Memento

    Post by Rogue on Mon Jun 24, 2013 1:17 am

    General Info

    Name: Mori Memento 
    Nickname: Tree Sprite 
    Age: 13
    Rank: C-rank

    Guild: Eternal Memories 
    Guild Mark: In white on the tip of her right shoulder.

    Appearance: Mori has short, silver hair which appears as if it is a shimmering blue in the moon light. on the left side of her head, there is a single braid held together by a little red bead. Her hair its self, however, is held up by a white and blue head band. Her eyes are a thick, leaf green color, and her skin is a dark tanned color. Covering her neck is a long black scarf which wraps around her neck, and still manages to fall to her knees.
    As for clothing, she has a white short dress which comes down to about 3 inches below her waist, however, a long black over coat begins at the waist, covering up about 5 or 6 inches below the waist. She wears no shoes, however, has a zebra stripped legging going up her left and right legs, and up her left and right arms. On her chest is a blue plate like material which is shaped into an oval with a 5 cm radius. She had white finger-less gloves covering both of her hands, and the same material covering up her feet. 
    An old, tattered brown belt is wrapped around her waist, and it comes down just below where the scarf end, however, it does not trail behind her.
    Mori Mementos' appearance :
    Mori Memento 5688-58301473

    Abnormalities: Her body is fairly clean. She has no piercings, which that of its self is an Abnormality sense almost every female in this day of age has a piercing. 


    Personality: Mori is a quiet girl, however, she speaks with her actions and fists. She has a short temper, and it doesn't take much to get her upset and going. The slightest insult can enrage her, causing her to get pissed off and start a fight. Of course, this is one of her many flaws as a fighter. 

    Mori is not very intelligent. She grew up an orphan, hidden in the woods, so she never went to school. Even though she can understand what people tell her, she isn't very good at communicating back, because she never learned any language. However, she is slowly being taught what she never learned through school, which she hates. She hates being wrong, and she defiantly hates school its so boring, and the fact that she is almost forced to sit through it is even worse. Occasionally she will skip, and that is fine by her.

    In a battle, Mori is almost a little different of a person. She doesn't go off of strategies, however, she does focus more on dodging the opponents attacks then anything. She likes to tier out the opponent before she comes in and strikes. Her goal is to make the opponent use up all of their magic, making them suffer from a bit of fatigue, then striking with her own magic.


    • Resting
    • meditating
    • the Forest
    • Trees
    • Animals (not humans)


    • Humans
    • loud noises
    • Cheating 
    • Swimming
    • learning


    • Climbing trees: Growing up in the forest, she grew accustomed to climbing trees. Weather it be for survival, or just plain fun, You can usually find her hiding inside of a tree though, thanks to her magic.
    • Hunting: She is an excellent hunter. Having to hunt animals to survive, she now does it for fun, sense she no longer requires on the hunting to stay alive. 
    • Sleeping: Its not that Mori is a typically lazy person, however, it just so happened that she loves to sleep. Unless she is needed for something, or hunting, she will be asleep most likely. 


    • The Ocean: She isn't a strong swimmer, and on top of that, its a vast valley of water. That terrifies her.
    • Her blood: The blood of an enemy does that shake her in any way, however, the site of her own blood will cause her to tense up, and sometimes vomit. Its not even the pain that gets to her, its just something about knowing that her own body is leaking fluids is terrifying to her.
    • Gods: Weather they are real, or fake, there is no way of knowing for sure. Ever sense Mori found out that there was a possibility of all mighty beings, it made her skin crawl. Even though there is nothing she can do about it. She doesn't like the feeling of being helpless, and that's all the "gods" do.

    Inspiration: Her true inspiration is knowledge. Ironically enough she hates learning, and feeling stupid at times, so this is a hard goal for her to grasp. However, she knows right now that her vocabulary is extremely limited. The only reason she takes time off of the guild every now and then is because some of the other guild mates teach her. She would like to become a "well educated" young women, instead of the beastly, unintelligent thing that she is now.

    Character Background


    There are not very many different arcs in Miss. Mementos' life, however, there is very much to be said. When she was born, she was a perfectly healthy little girl. She was born in the Memento family, a very rich, yet peaceful family who rarely was aggressive with anyone. They saw peace as a virtue, and violence as ill mannered. Mori was raised to be a very polite young women. She always said her please and thank yous', and she would always end a sentence with "sir" or "ma'am". However, that all changed one night when she was 5 years old. A group of robbers found the house, and broke in. As they were stealing things, the father put Mori in the cellar, hoping she would stay safe as he went for help. Sadly, as soon as the cellar doors shut, Mori heard a gun shot from out side, and the heavy dropping of a body. As the sound of Moris' mother echoed through the house, another shot was fired. 

    A few hours later, it began to be quiet. Just, dead silent. However, Mori didn't dare leave cellar, in fact, she stayed there for over 20 hours. As she slowly realized the men where gone, she opened the doors, and got out of the cellar. The first thing she saw was her fathers lifeless body with a newly formed hole. She didn't even search for her mothers body, at that moment, she ran. She didn't look back, and paid no attention to anything else. She grabbed nothing as she left, for the robbers had taken anything of value to them.

    She then spent the next 7 years in the forest, hunting, climbing trees, and thing she wanted really. She was all alone except for the occasional animal that wondered into her path. However, when she was 12, about a month or two from turning 13, she wondered into a guild. Her stomach growled, and the people there offered her food. As she accepted it, she was welcomed to stay there and rest. So, she then took it upon herself to join this guild. However, they wouldn't exactly let her. Her body seemed void of magical power, but they were wrong. She proved to them that she did have magical capabilities as she climbed into the wood of a near by table. and popped back out. Of course, she didn't know that was unique, she thought all humans could do that. It was then that she learned that her magic was special, and she was the only one who possessed it. 

    About a few months later on her 13th birthday, they allowed her to the join the guild. Starting at that moment, she began to train. In almost no time, she was already upgraded to a C-rank mage.
    (467 words) 

    RP sample:

    As She walked through the forest, a smile grew upon her face. Mori had just left the guild to go for a little run in the woods, or, shall i say the trees in the woods. As she leaped from tree to tree, she was happy. Nothing made her happier honestly. She had just passed her c-rank exam and was C-rank, her big mission now was to become a B-ranked mage, however, that might be a long ways from now. As she shook her head, trying not to think about how much time it would take, she noticed something. As she leaped out of a tree, she began to fall towards the ground. Lucky for her, she had quick reflexes and landed on her feet. As she unbent her knees, standing up right, she saw someone behind her. As the person began to turn around she quickly leaped back, letting the nearest tree absorb her body allowing her to become one with the tree. As a small pare of eyes grew upon the tree, she began to look at the person.

    It was a man, and he had a long, dark expression on his face. He looked like he was pondering a thought, however, he was dressed odd. He had on a long purple robe with what would appear to be black collard shirt underneath it. "Whose there?!" he shouted with anger towards the trees. Mori stayed silent as the man turned back around, waving his hand at the tree, as if he were telling it to leave. 

    Mori had a hunch that now would be a good time to leave, however, she had to wonder, where had the trees that were usually in front of her gone? she had taken this same path almost every day she could, and she knew that usually there were trees. "Shut up shut up shut up! I can hear you taunting me damn it!" the man shouted, pointing at a tree and shooting what appeared to be a strange, black liquid at it. The tree quickly began to fall down as the liquid corroded away at it. He then turned around. "So you want to laugh at me too!" he said to the tree Mori was in. He lifted up his hand and shot the strang liquid at it. 

    Mori stuck her hand out of the tree and pointed to the ground. A giant tree appeared, and it blocked the black acid-like substance. "What the hell?" the man shuddered in confusion. From that moment, it became obvious that he was either a C-rank, or D-rank mage. However, judging by his lack of self control, he was probably D-rank. Mori swiped her hand, getting rid of the tree she had summoned, and then stepped out of the tree she was in. As she looked at the man, he grinned. "I knew i wasn't crazy!" he shouted to the sky. "I knew trees were just humans in disguise." it was not obvious this man was not sane. She lifted up her hands and took a step back. 

    "No, you are mine!" the man screeched  shooting 3 what looked to be like bullets made f the black liquid towards her. She leaped into the air as the bullets missed and she lifted up her hand. Roots flew out of the ground and surrounded the man, clinging onto his body and preventing hims from moving. "I don't think so!" he yelled, beginning to struggle to get out. 

    Mori walked towards him, lifting up her hand and smiling at the man. She then shook her head, and turned around. She wasn't a very passive person, but she was going to let him live, that is until he kept talking. 

    "Get me out of this you little -" *BOOM* before he could even finish that sentence, Mori snapped her fingers. A fiery explosion blew behind her. She was 10 or 15 meters away, however, she could still feel the heat behind her. The blast wouldn't be enough to kill the man, even at point blank range. she then started walking, back to the guild hall, forgetting this had ever happened.
    (691 words)

    Face claim: Toukotsu from Masked Shanghai

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    Mori Memento Empty Re: Mori Memento

    Post by Rogue on Mon Jun 24, 2013 10:05 am

    bump do to completion
    Phirena/Phiron Duo Vaden
    Phirena/Phiron Duo Vaden

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    Mori Memento Empty Re: Mori Memento

    Post by Phirena/Phiron Duo Vaden on Mon Jun 24, 2013 11:35 am

    Alright looks like a solid app. but there is something you must do before I can except it. All likes and dislikes have to briefly be explained not just listed.

    Also just an fyi once you make it to A rank or higher you can take on a student and teach them Great Tree Arc magic, they must be D rank though. 

    Mori Memento Phisig10
    Phirena/Phiron Duo Vaden
    Phirena/Phiron Duo Vaden

    Posts : 14
    Age : 26
    Join date : 2013-04-07
    Location : Eastern USA

    Mori Memento Empty Re: Mori Memento

    Post by Phirena/Phiron Duo Vaden on Mon Jun 24, 2013 12:13 pm

    My bads on the needing to briefly explain I miss read the template.

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    Mori Memento Phisig10

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    Mori Memento Empty Re: Mori Memento

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