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    Character Application


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    Character Application Empty Character Application

    Post by Witherwoods on Wed Jun 26, 2013 11:29 pm

    Character Application Sero_by_soemei-d5yudjq

    Name:Miharu Nakamura
    Nickname:Princess of the North {Title Pending on Validity}

    For a girl Miharu is pretty tall standing at a lofty 5'10. She is built like an awkward 13 year old boy all legs, and gangly noodle arms. She has cool blue eyes that almost look faded next to her pale white skin. {Miharu refers to this as a "mayonnaise complex" she just can't ever get a good tan} No one knows her true birth hair color, but it has been consistently a shade of bubble gum pink for years so everyone assumes it's just the way she was born. She keeps it in a messy bun, and her long bangs stay swiped over her forehead and tucked behind her ears.

    As far as everyday garb goes Miharu wears a pair of faded blue jeans that are lacking knees. The hem at the bottom is so worn she cut her losses and tucks them into her combat boots. She wears a button down oxford underneath a green cardigan with tortoiseshell buttons. Around her neck she wears a tiny silver key, and a loosely tied white skinny tie.

    Abnormalities:Nothing physical, just a tad of narcissism.

    If Miharu was a color she would be yellow.
    An often vibrant and cheerful young woman Miharu has been know to light up a room. She is sweet and sociable, however no one is perfect. Except for this young lady, and she isn't afraid to advertise her self proclaimed royalty {and pending divinity}. Mostly Miharu is painfully self centered, and in known in her home  for unwittingly issuing out back handed compliments.
    As far as a  temper goes Miharu’s is virtually absent. She  is so concerned with pleasing people that she often lets them walk all over her. There are a few things that have been known to rub this lady the wrong way, hot weather for instance, and criticism. {who has the right to criticize a princess?} Even though Miharu spent a good time with monks she has a bit of a potty mouth. Which is something she tends to overlook.
    At times she is as brave as a lion, and is relentless in achieving her objective. Unfortunately if there is something with six legs and wings between her and that accomplishment she will turn tail squealing like a little girl. Which can be embarrassing, and it happens….. often.  
    Pretty dresses
    Indie music
    Lots of people

    People calling her out on her lack of pedigree
    Being alone
    Paper cuts
    Hot weather
    Spicy food

    Violin-It reminds her of her father
    Painting self portraits- Duh! Who doesn't want a portrait of a princess!
    Collecting beach glass- It was a childhood past time

    Bees -Their spindly legs, sharp stingers, and the buzzing noise they make
    Being alone- It magnifies her insecurities
    Burning to death- No one likes to burn themselves

    Inspiration: Secretly Miharu knows she isn't a long lost princess of the North, she just desperately wants to be loved. She keeps her personality bubbly and friendly in hopes that she will find her place.

    History:As a little girl Miharu grew up in a small fishing village in the far reaches of the north. A loving mother and father raised her and her 6 brothers and sisters. Being one of the younger of the Nakamura brood her mother nurtured her daughter’s often fanciful games of make believe. With her youngest brother Kai, and their old nanny dog “Mama Bear”, the intrepid trio would comb the northern beaches by day slaying imagined beast, and picking up treasured beach glass and broken sea parrot shells.
    Every night the Nakamura children would gather up next to the fire that roared in the hearth nestled together in a patchwork of hand sewn blankets listening to their father play violin, and his stories before being scooted off to bed.
    Young Miharu had an idyllic childhood, the winters were brutal, but the summers offered such bountiful harvest the misery of the winters was all but forgotten. During the winter of Miharu’s 15th year she fell ill with “stone lung”. The young girl was taken to a monastery in the south to receive medical care that was unavailable in her rural home. She battled the illness for the remainder of the winter, and much of that summer. When she was well enough to go homethe monastery released her, and after a month of travel she came to her home. The stone cottage tucked into a meadow was empty, the windows broken in, and the door swinging open on squeaky hinges.
    Inside was empty. A few shattered plates littered the worn wooden floors. The only things of any value left was her father’s violin, and a silver key sitting on the mantel of the fire place.
    After a few years of looking Miharu gave up on the hope of finding her family. She decided to wander, and find a new family. People that she can love and trust who won’t disappear.

    The thought of her grips me in a way I could not seem to fathom. My body aches for her. She has replaced all prior addiction with her brand of cruelty. In her absence I am left to face the world alone. I purge myself of the demons in hope that the next hit will be sweeter, that I can take her in and feel the burn in my lungs, and the familiar warmth in my stomach. When she comes I find her as shallow and meaningless as it was before. I wonder if my love for her is nothing now that I am an empty shell. A raving addict, soon to be nothing but a withered form in body and mind.

    Character Application Shiba_kun_by_bihve-d2z6gtx

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    Victor Cross
    Victor Cross

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    Character sheet

    Character Application Empty Re: Character Application

    Post by Victor Cross on Thu Jun 27, 2013 5:13 pm

    such a good app but one mistake:

    Personality: 78/200 words. Please add 122 words

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    Character Application Empty Re: Character Application

    Post by Witherwoods on Fri Jun 28, 2013 7:25 pm

    I fixed the mistake thank you for bringing it to my attention. :3
    Victor Cross
    Victor Cross

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    Character Application Empty Re: Character Application

    Post by Victor Cross on Fri Jun 28, 2013 7:54 pm


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