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    Site Backstory.

    Heero Villenn
    Heero Villenn

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    Site Backstory. Empty Site Backstory.

    Post by Heero Villenn on Fri Jul 12, 2013 1:18 am

    The year was X935. Fiore was a rather prosperous and powerful nation only two years ago before a small rut weakened them financially. The neighboring country of Elicad tried to take advantage of that weakness and started a war that engulfed both sides in massive bloodshed. After the dust would settle this war would be come to be known as the Great Magic War.

    Guilds would be destroyed entirely with no hope of rebuilding as Fiore was plunged into the most terrifying war Earthland has ever known. This war would last almost two hundred years as neither side would surrender until a treaty was made in the year X1131. The treaty that ended the war would forever be known as the End of Suffering.

    Why name a treaty such a thing some would ask? It wasn't hard to wonder for those who had experienced the war. Nearly seventy percent of both nations populations were wiped from the face of existence in this war. Noble families were killed and not a single magic guild on any side survived the war and a majority of Fiore would be reshaped geographically due to the enormous damage that occured. It did end the horrific Great Magica War and immediately after Fiore began an incredibly slow healing process. Over this time guilds would rise and fall as they always did, new rulers were put in place with the Cael family which has ruled ever since the end of the war with the help of the Vista and Vaden families.

    Fiores rebuilding was slow and harsh. The treaty never really ended the suffering Fiore had to endure it just changed the kind of suffering it had to endure, but slowly but surely Fiore would grow and four centuries later on X1540, Fiore's luck shifted for the better as many nations surrounding it fell and Fiore took over and became a mighty empire. The year is currently X1564 and Fiore has been strong and prosperous in it's current era with powerful guilds and rising guilds.

    What will you, Guest, do in this situation? Will you defend fiores peace or destroy it as a new era in Fiores history begins as the Great Fiore Empire.

    note: I need someone to find the username tag. If you have it please just edit it in so I can post this.

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    Phirena/Phiron Duo Vaden
    Phirena/Phiron Duo Vaden

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    Site Backstory. Empty Re: Site Backstory.

    Post by Phirena/Phiron Duo Vaden on Mon Jul 15, 2013 1:28 am

    The back story looks and sounds good to me. As for the user tag from what I have seen it looks like it is a function tat as to be added manually to the site wit some html coding in admin panel. It doesn't appear to be an inherent function of forumotion sites.

    Site Backstory. Phisig10

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    Site Backstory. Empty Re: Site Backstory.

    Post by Aina on Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:59 pm

    the usertag is fixed and i like the story

    Site Backstory. Siggg11

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    Site Backstory. Empty Re: Site Backstory.

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