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    Victor Cross

    Victor Cross
    Victor Cross

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    Victor Cross Empty Victor Cross

    Post by Victor Cross on Wed Apr 10, 2013 5:17 pm

    General Info

    Name: Victor Cross
    Nickname: Spellmaster | Cross | Old Man
    Age: 47
    Rank: SS-rank / Guildmaster

    Guild: Luna Soul
    Guild Mark: On the back of his right hand

    Appearance: Victor's appearance is that of a middle aged man with a ripped body. He has an extremely toned body to show off his strength. There are marks coating his entire right arm in order to utilize his magic. There are also marks adorning his left arm as well. These marks glow when he's using his full power. He has long shaggy, black hair and piercing, colorless eyes. He also has a stubble over his chin and upper lip. His skin is slightly tanned.

    Over his forehead he wears a thick red bandana with beading on it. He wears long blue jeans and typically wears a pair of loafers to go with it. He wears a black longsleeve shirt and a blue jacket which he sometimes carries over his shoulder. He may also wear a black shortsleeve shirt depending on the weather. Victor is frequently seen with a cigarrette in his mouth.

    Victor Cross ZenSaotome_5196

    Abnormalities:Runic/Magical Tattoos over his arms


    Personality: Victor is somewhat of a pervert. Usually one of the first things he comments about when meeting a woman is there chest size and anything else obscene that he can see. He’s also prone to groping said women. The strange part about this is that he means all of this in a completely platonic manner and doesn’t usually pursue relationships with these women. The reason for this is unknown and a personal matter hidden deep within Victor’s past.

    Victor is always extremely laidback and never really goes crazy and sleeps and smokes a majority of the time. If he’s not doing than he’s probably training somebody or dealing with a guild issue he couldn’t ignore or try and skip. Victor is lazy.

    Due to Victor’s nearly unrivaled power, Victor tends to call everyone a ‘little shit’ or a ‘piece of crap’. Victor isn’t pompous and doesn’t act like he’s better than anyone however he is aware that he is stronger than most anyone and this has caused his laidback and relaxed nature.

    Victor usually takes a liking to kids as well, enjoying their rambunctious antics and laughing at their fallings. He is a good man who enjoys teaching kids and helping them prepare for the future. Going anywhere near a kid is one of the ways to get a thorough beating from Victor.

    -Kids (not a creepy way)

    -Fiore's Government
    -Old Women
    -anyone who would harm a child

    -Smoking: Victor had his first cigarrette when he was twenty two and has always smoked a few cigs a day after that. It's an addiction.

    -Sleeping: Due to his overwhelming strength, Victor frequently gets bored and likes to take naps to the point he does it as a recreational activity.

    -Fighting: Should anyone actually be strong enough to fight Victor head on, he welcomes the opportunity to get some decent exercise.

    -Teaching: Victor enjoys teaching kids and helping them prepare for the future.

    -Elderly women: Due to being mentally scarred as a child and seeing his grandmother without pants he can't get comfortable around elderly women and has been scarred for life by the experience.

    -Fire: Victor's home was ravaged by fire when he was a teenager, taking the lives of his family members. Victor has long sinced overcome this fear.

    -A kids death: Victor is afraid that one of the youngsters in his guild is going to do something stupid and get themselves killed when he's not around.

    Inspiration: Being a very unenthusiastic and laidback person, Victor isn't inspired or driven by anything. However he may take intrest in certain people and begin devoting time into their upbringing, training, etc.

    Character Background

    History: Victor is a born and raised citizen of Silverust. Early on he met excommunicated priest, Curtis Reverend, the original guildmaster of Fiore. Although at first he disliked 'Curtis's goodie two shoes ways', he later came to respect Curtis and was one of the youngest people to join Luna Soul as one of its first members at the age of ten. Curtis and the other guild members helped Victor learn magic.

    After four years passing his house was set on fire and his family was killed in the blaze. Victor was at the guild at the start of the fire and when he arrived and tried to save his family Curtis cut him off and prevented Victor from throwing his life away.

    For the next 4 years Victor had a large disdain for Curtis and got in his face multiple times for any reason no matter how minute it was, blaming Curtis for his families death. When Victor was eighteen and a war had broken out with a distant country named Agarest. Victor left the guild to fight in the war. In this war, Victor was seen as so skilled using magic that the Fiore Royal Family knighted him and he became a Sage Knight, a title only given to the most skilled of mages and acquired the nickname Spellmaster. This war lasted about 8 years and was where he met his good friend and ally, Adam Vaden, who became the only friend he would ever make in the Fiore military.

    After the war Victor met a woman, got married, and had a child named Samantha. The next twelve years Victor would cherish the most. One day, Victor was called out to do a job for the Fiore Military. The job was a simple yet tedious job that he completed rather easily and within a week but returned home to find his wife and child murdered. It would seem that some of the remnants of the enemy army from the war had taken their revenge on Victor by taking his family from him. They would soon lose their lives as Victor rampaged and killed every last one of them without a trace for an entire year.

    Victor took to drinking to recover from his sorrow and the only thing that kept him from spiraling deeper into the bottle was his friend Adam Vaden. Over this time, Victor came to forgive Curtis for stopping him from stepping into his way and trying to save his family from the words of Adam who helped try and sooth the wounds of his past. Victor would soon hear about Curtis's execution three years later and ran all the way to the site of the execution to see it and try and stop it. When he arrived and called out to his master he saw Curtis smile and announce his final words.

    "These are my final words and the last order I give as the guildmaster of Luna Soul! Whether my soul is damned to hell or risen to heaven means nothing to the world and I must preserve the life of the moon's pride! I hearby name Luna Soul's second guildmaster and Silverust city's next guardian as Victor Cross!"

    Those were the final words Victor heard his guildmaster say as his head was cut off and rolled on the floor. After commandeering Curtis's body he returned to Silverust city for the first time since he was eighteen in around 22 years. Victor would bury his guildmasters body and protect the reverend's sin up to this date. Victor would soon learn that the Fiore Government thought that with Victor, a Sage Knight, as Luna Soul's guildmaster that they could finally enter Silverust and wipe clean the town as a proper place and aprehend the ex-criminals living there. This would turn out to not be the case as Victor has oppossed the Government since becoming the guildmaster and has continued Curtis's will to protect Silverust city.

    RP sample:Victor sat alone on a tree stump surrounded by the bodies of his enemies smoking a cigarette. His eyes were filled with sorrow from his wife and child’s deaths yet Victor couldn’t seem to shed tears anymore. I’m sorry Luanne, but I don’t think I can quit smoking like you wanted me to, Victor thought as he pulled cigarette out of his mouth and blew a puff of smoke into the air.

    Victor looked up at the night sky and the full moon that was out remember some of the words that Reverend had told him before he stormed out of the guild. “Tragedy happens and will befall everyone. All we can do afterwards is get stronger and do our best to keep it from happening again,” the words echoed in Cross’s mind. Cross had never gotten stronger after his families death. The same thing happened to his wife and child that befell his family. They died while he was away and Victor was powerless to do anything. Perhaps if he had listened to Curtis more then this would never have happened.

    Cross held the beaded bandana that his daughter had made for him after he left to go on a mission as the tears finally started to fall down his face as he remembered his daughters smiling face and laughter. Cross would remember his wife and child playing together and her tomboyish daughter getting into fights with some of the boys in the nearby town and all the scolding Victor gave her when she came back all beat up. Victor clenched his fists over the bandana and closed his eyes and forcibly wiped his tears away as he put the bandana on his head and got up. Victor inhaled his cigarette one last time and blew out a puff of smoke before throwing the cigarette on the ground and putting his hands in his pockets. As he walked away the grass ignited in flames and Victor walked away from the funeral pyre of the men who took his family away from him with his head down and more tears trickling down the face of the man who was weak and powerless.

    Face claim: Saotome Zenjuro | Beelzebub

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    Victor Cross Empty Re: Victor Cross

    Post by Xero on Mon Apr 15, 2013 8:29 pm


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