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    Phirena/Phiron Duo Vaden
    Phirena/Phiron Duo Vaden

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    Phiron/PhirenaDuoVaden{W.I.P.} Empty Phiron/PhirenaDuoVaden{W.I.P.}

    Post by Phirena/Phiron Duo Vaden on Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:29 am

    General Info

    Name: Phirena/Phiron Duo Vaden
    Nickname: The Twins
    Sage Knight Title: The Protectors
    Age: 21
    Rank: SS-rank

    Appearance:All of their clothing is purely made from their imagination, i.e. Arc of Embodiment.
    Phiron/PhirenaDuoVaden{W.I.P.} 75percentsmaller_zps5d029e8f

    Phiron wears clothing that catches the eyes of those who see him. It has a whim of creativity to it while at the same time is quite modest, if not a little stuffy, as he knows being the head of the Vaden family requires certain requirements of him. The one thing that while unintentional, but is quite useful at times is his often confusion with the court jester. At times when new delegates and diplomats, especially from foreign lands, arrive at court he goes undercover as the court jester to better observe their actions. This being said when times demand it he does wear less showy clothing but he always keeps the same color profile of mostly white but have an assortment of Red and blue in them as well.

    Phirena, while having the same taste and color pallet as Phiron, is less conserved in her appearance. Not being bound to being the head of the Vaden family she often shows off quite a bit of skin, which with the help of her magic she keeps quite pale finding it a more attractive look for her than the tanned skin Phiron seems to enjoy. She is rather slender and well-endowed and she enjoys showing it off, but is definitely not one that could truthfully be called a slut or anything of the nature. Once again like Phiron she does know that at times modesty is needed in her dress and does wear more conservative clothing in that situation. That being said there is one thing that she always wears no matter what, and that is a golden tiara. While she knows and has no illusions that she is rightfully not a princess she wears the tiara as a remembrance of her late father. He often called her his little princess when she was younger and when she wears her tiara she always thinks of her dad.

    Abnormalities:  Phirena/Phiron are fraternal twin brother and sister that were magically fused into one body while within their mother’s womb about halfway through her pregnancy. Normally this would result in multiple personality disorder but in their rare case they have the ability to shift both physically and mentally into one another at will. This makes for a rare and unique bond where brother and sister, male and female, share one body, have two distinct personalities but share one set of memories. The two of them have totally different emotions, are always aware as to how the other one is feeling. For the most part they are able to keep their emotions separate from one another, but there are exceptions. They oftentimes have a hard time keeping really strong emotions separate, emotions like love, hate, and lust which are extremely strong and tend to leak through the very thin personality barrier between the two of them.


    Personality: Phiron and Phirena have much the same personalities as while they are separate people in a sense they are the same person none the less. They are both very strict at following the rules. They demand the respect of everyone, especially those within the Royal Military. They are sticklers that the proper chain of command be followed unless it is to work around corruption that would otherwise halt the flow of info to the appropriate ears. They view corruption in anyone as not except-able and will remove any and everyone who is found to be corrupted from within the Royal Military to civilian status and throw them in prison. That being said this is strictly there business side the true difference in personalities comes from catching them in what little down time they have.

    Phiron is more of a defensive personality. He seeks to protect others by doing things like defensive and summoning spells. He avoids close combat when he can. This causes him to be the more strategic one of the two. He usually is the one to come up with most of the battle plans out of the two.

    Phirena is more offensive in personality. She believes that the best way to protect both herself and those around her is to fight hard and fast. She aims to take out the enemy before they get the chance to do much damage. This causes her to be the more impulsive one of the two. When things go wrong and immediate action needs to be taken she is the one to most likely do it.

    General Likes: 
    Personal training-As leader of Fiore's Royal Military The Phis feel a need to get stronger all the time so they can better serve.

    Training officers's-For much the same reasons as they love to train themselves they enjoy helping those serving under them train and watch them get stronger.

    Time off to pester their older sister Moriko-because that is just what younger siblings do.

    Drawling-As Arc of Embodiment users they both love to draw as doing so gives them new ideas on things to make.

    Phiron's Likes:
    Adult Novels- He finds pleasure in being a little perverted but he always hides this from people so as not to tarnish his name.

    Summoning Spells: When Phiron's in control he prefers to use there summoning spells the most though he can cast other spells as needed.

    Defensive Spells- As primarily a summoner he tends to cast defensive spells quite often when he is being attacked directly.

    Being an Inventor-During his free time Phiron is often found randomly imagining things into existence and altering them as he sees fit.

    Phirena's Likes:
    Flying-For some reason she has always wished she could fly so when she first cast her own Arc of Embodiment spell it was one that allowed her to fly, and ever sense it has been a staple in her arsenal.

    Poetry-She loves everything to do with poetry. Whether its writing it, reading it, or listening to it as it is her primary relaxation tool.

    Children- She like most other women has a strong desire to have children of her own someday. Phiron was just going to have to except the fact that for 9 months she will be in control of the body when it happens.

    Physical Combat Spells-Phirena has a bit more of a mean streak than her brother and take pleasure out of physically beating up her opponents with these types of spells.

    General Dislikes: 
    Paperwork-Both Phiron and Phirena hate doing this and ignore it until the last minute.

    Suck-ups-They dislike anyone who tries to get place or make right their wrongs by sucking up to those above them, whether in the military or social ranking.

    Power abuse/corruption- Anyone who abuses their power whether magical, physical, mental, economical, or politically is instantly seen as someone that needs to be dealt with in their mind set.

    The Cold- For what ever reason they always seemed to hate cold weather. They can tolerate it if they have to but they almost always imagine thick fur coats on so they stay nice and warm.

    Being called "It"-While they know there gender switching is confusing at times they absolutely hate being called an It. They see it as a term of insult and extremely disrespectful.

    Singing-Many are surprised when they first here the twins sing as they don't seem to be the type to have such lovely voices, but from a very young age they were both singing to songs they had heard but only once before as if it was an old favorite.

    Cooking-While not that good at actually cooking they love to try anyways and do manage on occasion to make something good, though most often they just use their magic to make up for their lack of true cooking talent.

    Redesigning their room-When people walk into their room they usually get confused pretty quickly. As the default is just a large white room. This is because everything except what has to do with the Military's Head Quarters plumbing is created at a whim by either Phirena or Phiron with there Arc of Embodiment magic. This is simply due to the fact that the same thing over and over bores them to death. So logically they had the room designed to be a blank palette from which they could design as needed.

    Being labeled a Freak and being shunned because of it.-Their whole life they have dealt with people looking at them oddly when they find out about their circumstances, and this has caused them to have a deep seated fear of being shunned and unexpected because of who they are. Though they hide this fear behind barriers of determination and hard work so as to hopefully divert people from thinking they are a freak.

    Being unable to do their duty-With the great responsibility of being Captain Commander of the Royal Military comes great stress. For the Phis this stress is in the form of anxiety that one day they won't be able to do their duty and and the country will suffer for it.

    Becoming separated-When they were younger the used to have a wish that they would get separated so that they could live a normal life, but now after 21 years of being as they are they have realized that if they were ever to be separated they wouldn't know how to function properly.

    Inspiration: Being from a highly militaristic family the Phis are both expected and desire to be the best leaders they can be. Using there unique ability to switch between both genders and fully understanding the strengths and weaknesses of both genders they are also highly motivated to keep gender equality in the Military which previously hadn't happened, but their primary goal is to always protect the country by protecting the Royal Family. In anytime of need they set about creating a primary course of action for the Military and have Takashi Vista see to them as he personally sees to the protection of the Royal Family, but even in doing so he stays in constant touch with the main body of the Military and will come to there aid should they need it or the Emperor order them too.

    Character Background

    History: Phirena/Phiron's history begins during the mother's, Elizabeth Vaden, third month of pregnancy. She was on a vacation visiting some old ruins from the war 300 years ago, when suddenly she felt a pressure in her stomach. Being worried as to what it was about she went to a doctors office to have an ultra sound done and was shocked to here that the twins she was going to have had become a single child within her. Upon close inspection was determined that the child was female meaning she had some how lost her son. Confused and saddened they all decided to head home so consult with their private doctor. 

    As soon as they got home they called in their doctor and had him do an ultra sound after explaining what had happened. The results of doing the ultra sound were almost the same as there was indeed but one child. It was the gender call that had been wrong as it was a boy not a girl. He explained that this early on depending on how the child was situated it was sometimes hard to tell the gender. He was still quite perplexed at what could have caused one on the babies to disappear and set up bi-weekly checkup to make sure things went smoothly the rest of the pregnancy.

    At first there were quite a few times when it would look like the gender was changing for ultra sound to ultra sound but it was put off to just how the baby was positioned. This all changed as time went on towards the end of the second trimester there was no doubt that in fact the gender was changing as it suddenly changed before their eyes during an ultra sound. It was concluded that she must have run into the residue of old magic that had gone wild and somehow this fused to babies into one. At the time it was believed that it was one child that could morph into either gender at will; later on though after they were born it was noticed that when they changed forms that there was a distinct behavioral shift which was a sign that it was two people magically sharing one body.

    Once this discovery had been made the family celebrated the birth of the next heir to the family name, and they spend time making sure the Phis are educated well. Often times all throughout their life they were found with their older sister Moriko. They quickly became almost inseparable. At first they both would be seen crawling around everywhere together. Once the Phis started to walk they would always match pace with Moriko as she crawled around unable to walk. After a while Moriko started to walk and every time she got onto her feet the Phis would clap and smile. By the time they turned 3 Moriko was walking for the first time at the age of 6.

    Their life was the usual, for the heir of a noble family that is, from a very young age the twins were taught the basics of magic. But before there could be a decision to be made as to what magic they would be taught odd things started to happen. The twins would be found playing with toys that they had never gotten or that were ever invented before, and when a toy would break it would suddenly be fixed or a new one would appear. After a few days of this happening it was clear that the twins were natural users of the Vaden Family's greatest magical heritage, the fabled Arc of Embodiment. They were quickly coached in the basics of the magic and run through basic concepts by constantly making new things. By the time they had turned 8 they were well into being able to use this normally very hard magic to master.

    With the help of their magic and the discipline of being an heir to a noble family they quickly made it through the academy and were among only a few though out the academy's history to graduate three years early at the age of 13 instead of the normal 16. Since they had been to young to join the military upon graduation they like all the other early graduates though out the history of the academy were give a teaching job until they could officially join the military. They quickly rose through the ranks and by 16 they became the youngest to become second in command of the Royal Military in history, and again they broke a record when at 18 after the Captain Commander of the time died on a mission they became the youngest to receive the title of Captain Commander of the Military. How ever because Jayzaku Vista was a year younger than the twins he was the youngest Sage Knight. 

    Though sense when ever a Captain Commander comes into power they become a Sage Knight they are able to claim being the first 18 year old to be knighted as a Sage Knight. Upon becoming Knighted the the twins received the title "The Protector" and their own unique staff weapon known simply as the Gemini Staff. They staffs easiest power to see was that its appearance altered when ever the twins shifted form. This title comes from the fact that the twins primary goal is to protect all they can to the point of risking their own lives to save that of another.

    RP sample: If you are seeking an early C-rank, Magic council status, Lost magic, or Slayer magic you must provide an rp sample to show you can handle or deserve the magic. No you may not pm it to us. It’s quality will decide if you are worthy of giving the title to. I should add that you only get one chance on this. If we say no then that's something your going to have to live with. Overall application quality will also be taken into account.

    Face claim: N/A

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    Heero Villenn
    Heero Villenn

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    Phiron/PhirenaDuoVaden{W.I.P.} Empty Re: Phiron/PhirenaDuoVaden{W.I.P.}

    Post by Heero Villenn on Mon Jun 17, 2013 3:18 am

    Just a hint for my personal helpt thats no required: Color code Phiron and Phirena so it's easier to see through and I don't mistake one for the other while me or Jay or whoever is grading is reading.
    Phirena/Phiron Duo Vaden
    Phirena/Phiron Duo Vaden

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    Phiron/PhirenaDuoVaden{W.I.P.} Empty Re: Phiron/PhirenaDuoVaden{W.I.P.}

    Post by Phirena/Phiron Duo Vaden on Tue Jun 25, 2013 2:14 am

    *bump for review.*

    Phiron/PhirenaDuoVaden{W.I.P.} Phisig10
    Jayzaku Vista
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    Phiron/PhirenaDuoVaden{W.I.P.} Empty Re: Phiron/PhirenaDuoVaden{W.I.P.}

    Post by Jayzaku Vista on Tue Jun 25, 2013 8:26 am

    Everything is good except you need to write a RP sample and write out a appearance thats at least 150 words long

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