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    Gabriell Adam Vaden (WIP)

    Riel Vaden
    Riel Vaden

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    Gabriell Adam Vaden (WIP) Empty Gabriell Adam Vaden (WIP)

    Post by Riel Vaden on Sat Apr 13, 2013 5:40 am

    General Info

    "You will not remember me for my surname no, You will remember me for who I am!"

    Gabriell Adam Vaden (WIP) Vaden_11

    Name: Gabriell "Riell" Adam Vaden
    Nickname: Fiore's White Fang, Gabby (From family members),and Snow
    Age: 17
    Rank: C-rank

    Guild: Royal Millitary
    Guild Mark: N/A

    Gabriell Adam Vaden (WIP) Vaden_10

    Gabriell Adam Vaden (WIP) Vaden_12

    The first thing that stands out in Gabriell's appearance is his low down spiky white hair, sometimes he will have it spiked up but mostly keeping down and laid back with just a few spikes hair on the sides. White hair has always run deep in Vaden's blood. Like his older sister Moriko, and other older siblings Phirron and Phirena but while their's seems to side more into grey, Gabriell's hair is like a pure snow white. 

    His snow white hair only adds to his facial appearance a very lean and some would say a very cute and good looking face. Allot of people can tell he is the youngest of the Vaden siblings just by looking at him, as his facial appearance comes off as very youthful. He has one thing that sets him aside from his older siblings, his vibrant turquoise eyes which can be very pleasant to look at, and yet fierce at the same time. Riell mostly has a stern expression on his face, always looking focused and on task.

    Gabriell is a rather tall young man for his age, standing at about 5'11 at the age of 17 and still growing pretty fast. Already taller then his eldest sibling Moriko, but she is know for being pretty short. Aligned with his height is his physical body, Gabriell trains his body with intense physical exercise in order to utilize his magic to the best of it's ability Riell is heavily trained in martials arts and various forms giving him a very athletic and prime physical body, while still retaining lean and slender. As for clothing Riell keeps a surprisingly pretty vast closet, consisting of numerous scoop neck, V neck t-shirts of all colors. Hoodies, and thin jackets. Roomy and stretchy pants some even loose fitting to have free mobility when fighting. He has many sweat pants and combat pants but barely wears them. The reason this comes as a surprise is because Riell likes to wear as less clothing as possible. He is constantly taking off his clothes at random times, making sure to be truly loose and free.  

    Such is why he tends to be shirtless...allot
    Gabriell Adam Vaden (WIP) Connor10


    Kanji of Spirit and Vitality on his Left Shoulder: 精魂

    Kanji of Endure and Surpassing on his Right forearm: 凌駕


    Personality: 'Gabriell Adam Vaden' the name Vaden barring a heavy toll; allot to prove and allot to work for. Being born as the last of the Vaden siblings definitely had great effect on his upbringing. Since he is the last born, Riell inherited nothing from his parents other then his father's First name Adam. Because he inherited nothing unlike his older siblings, this was the start at even a young age his pure determination to prove himself as a Vaden.

    If there is one thing about Riell's persona it's his pure determination and undying will to overcome. The kid simply doesn't give in no matter what the situation is; and has a ridiculous resolve matched by no one. His resolve and guts not only 'get others irritated." but can even leave people to ponder about his magnificence. Riell like his grandfather has the skill to surpass the instincts of mankind meaning he is a person ready to die whenever he fights. Riell doesn't feel fear when fighting no matter what the enemy is, and he does not abandon himself in fear, instead he strikes fear into his opponents. 

    His undying resolve stems from his pride, Gabriell is a very proud full young man holding his Vaden family line in high regard. Feeling that he can never admit defeat for it would be shame to the Vaden name. He holds not only his Vaden name to the utmost standard, but his family and military as well. Believing no one has more honor then Vaden blood and those who are apart of the military will gain his respect and trust. But because of his pride Riell is still young and stubborn, hard headed and reckless. Causing him to be quite the trouble maker in the military, often on the end of his older siblings Phiron and Phirena scolding and lectures.  

    Aside from his military duties, killer resolve, and immense pride. Riell can be quite fun to be around time to time. He does like to have his occasional fun and games, and being quite pesky to his elder siblings. Often trying to steal Phiron's staff and make it work for himself which fails all the time and leads to him getting a scolding and a lecture. 


    • "Being free" (in his sense being close to or naked)
    • Martial Arts
    • Training (more often with his sister Phirena)
    • Art (Poetry)
    • Adventures


    • Vista Family
    • Death of innocents 
    • Dark Guilds
    • Giving Up
    • Nonsense Orders


    • Meditation: Learning from his father and grandfather, Riell had to fully grasp the concepts of meditation. He enjoys it and most times in the early morning or late at night be seen meditating.
    • Training: While kinda basic of what he needs to do, Riell has made it a hobby of training and always improving his martial form to the best of his ability
    • Art:Like is older siblings Riell is quite fond of art and poetry, thought he never really admits it outloud or to anyone. But he does write poetry, and draw things from time to time.  


    • His Nightmares- It is a rare occurrence that Riell will have nightmares of the day he failed to save his friends. He fears them, the ones where he is unable to save his loved ones. But also hates himself for falling to them as he should be able to overcome any and all of his fears.
    • Falling to the wrong path: On his quest for higher power and surpassing the limits Riell fears he will fall to the wrong path and become power hungry eventually becoming something evil. He makes it his goal to stay along the Warrior's Path. 
    • The Loss of everything- As Started earlier Riell does not fear death, going into every battle like it's his last. Instead Riell fears that despite all his actions everything around him can still fall to ruin, losing his family and comrafes. 

    Inspiration: Being the proud full young man he is, one can say allot inspires Riell. But this is actually not the case, his one and only inspiration is his family. His passed father and grandfather, his mother and his elder siblings. He fights to the end for them and for the Vaden name. This also stems in himself, he must carry pride in himself in order to truly grow into a great man. 

    Gabriell Adam Vaden (WIP) Vaden_13

    Character Background


    The Youngest child born into the house of Vaden;  Gabriell Adam Vaden born inside the large castle ontop of the hill  in Escope City. After his parents had the twins Phiron and Phirena it was safe to say that they were not expecting another children, so when his mother Adele found out she was pregnant it took everyone by surprise. Gabriell’s birth was not to be expected and nor was it planned. But when he was born it was celebrated and treated just like his other siblings. But Adam and Adele already decided that Gabriell would receive no inheritance in forms of magic, much to the shock and friends and other family members. It was that decision that forever had an effect on Gabriell’s upbringing. He only inherited two things his father first name as his middle name, and his deceased Uncle’s name Gabriell.

    Throughout his childhood Reill was a reluctant noble child, he never really liked to take part in noble family activities. Never did care for them or show any type of interest in acting like a Vaden member. Instead Riell took more interest in delinquent acts doing things out of reckless nature much to the annoyance of his parents. By the time he was eight years old Riell had already gotten over 20 lecture’s, numerous suspensions from his academy, and a large number of spankings from his parents for his fight’s at school. It was on record that Riell has started over 10 single physical confrontations with another student, and 5 food fights.  All for reasons including that the fellow student bad mouthed his name or called him a pansy. He caused so much ruckus that his academy had no other option but to expel the member of the Vaden family, which Is something thought to be unheard of. Because of this Riell couldn’t start his military academy training at the age if eight like traditions, instead he had to finish his elementary school education in one of the worst cities Silverust City. His father Adam refused to have Riell home schooled as it won’t help Riell learn to control his anger issues. Adam planned to teach Riell just where acting like a delinquent got him.

    When he turned nine he began his first days in Silverust, being driven there every day and having a temp home in Fire City with his butler who was in charge of watching over him for the time being. After 3 weeks there Riell already started to see what his father meant. Even at school there was a heavy amount of crime, and little punishment. He got into two fights so far for calling him a pansy rich kid, but soon noticed just how far he was outmatched even by kids his own age and only a tad bit older. Also most of these kids already started to show magical prowess, whereas Riell despite his lineage had yet to show any signs of magic.

    After one month his parents came to visit him to see how he was doing so far with Butler Vernin. Much to their surprise instead of sulking about coming home, Riell was seen training and exercising, and his face full of complete determination. When asked Vernin about his school work, he said “Master Gabriell receives top grades in all of classes. But unfortunately  he is still getting in quite the bit of trouble with fighting. It’s quite odd Master Adam and Master Adele. He says it’s about pride.”
    His parents spent some extra time with Reill before returning home, Adam teaching his son some basic martial arts instead of magic. This thought angered Riell feeling that he would forever be weak if he did not learn magic soon. And started to question if he could even learn magic at all.  

    One day after school Riell had a planned after school fight with a bully who had fire magic, not only did this kid bad mouth his Vaden name but he had a knack on picking on the even younger kids. Burning the little kids toys, it was a small little act but it had a strong point of meaning to Riel. He had to win this fight at all costs. After a couple of minutes Riel was getting the upper hand despite the fact the kid had fire magic. He had fought and lost to this kid numerous time before, but all those fights gave Riel the knowledge and experience on how to avoid his little fire attacks. Using pure skill and tactical advantage. With a nicely timed roll to avoid a burst of fire, Riel rose up and landed a elbow uppercut to his jaw that had enough power behind it to send him a few inches in the air claiming the victory, but leaving Riel exhausted and his clothes burned.

     Much to Riel’s surprise the kids watching the fight that were on the bullies side stepped up, each of the grinding their knuckles together after seeing their comrade beaten. There was about six kids three of them had magic Riel could sense it, but Riel did not run nor back away. He caught his breath and stood his ground, put his fist up and was ready to go despite him physically being exhausted.

    All six of the kids rushed at him ready to beat Riel to a pulp. Riell never intended to back away not once, his turquoise eyes focused almost scary to look at. He looked at them with a never ending piercing gaze, one of the kids even stopped running he got so scared. But that’s not what stopped all the other kids from running forward, a large shadow appeared on the ground the shadow had nine tail like figures which made everyone even Riell stop and look up to see where it was coming from. Much to everyone’s surprise it was regular man, at first glance could be mistaken for homeless. He was scruffy guy, most of his face hidden under his slightly tattered bucket hat, his clothing was also slightly torn, and had many patches around his clothing. His pants slightly rolled up to his calves, a thin layered green coat, and a hoodie underneath, use many colored ropes to keeps his loose pants up. He landed on ground his knees bent and right hand on top of his bucket hat to keep it on, landing right in front Riel looking at the six youngsters , his shadow took a different form then his body though still swaying nine tails and it’s facial section looking like some form of beast. He showed a slight smirk and powerful pressure of air built up forcing everyone in the area on their knees. When the pressure released the kids ran away not looking back. But Riell stayed, looking up the mysterious hobo.

    “You got some fierce eyes kid.”

    It was that moment where Riell met his magic teacher who went by the name Jin. Jin and Riel after that night spent a lot of time together not only training Riell’s martial arts to a higher level but also teaching him the basics of magic and natural mana. Jin was like an older brother to Riell, he was shown to be a true teacher and master. For the next two years Jin showed Riell everything he could in Silverust city, they even went to Heaven City and had Riell take part the fighting tower from time to time. Riell grew to utilize pure natural mana in combination of his martial arts allowing him to finally on par with mages even beyond his level. Despite all the time Jin and Riell spent together Vernin could never get a eye on the man. Vernin even tried to sneak up and spot Riell after school so he can see Jin, but Jin was always one step ahead as if he knew Vernin was always going to be there.

    Until it was finally time for Riell to return home at the age of twelve, Adam and Adele being content with how Riell had grown no longer being a complete reckless youth but instead being a more fiercely confident, pride full and focused young man. The night before Riell was leaving Jin had met him outside this time, having Vernin to finally get a good look at him, leaving him in shock. They said their goodbyes, and Jin flicked his foreahead rather hard before Riell turning back to his house. He didn’t notice but his eyes flashed an orange red for a second, and Jin’s shadow no longer had a weird appearance. Vernin witnessed this and knew exactly what happened; this whole time Riell was getting his inheritance from his thought to be late uncle Gabriell.
    As soon as Riell returned home his older sister Moriko got into an accident on a mission with Phiron and Phirena. Leaving the house in a sort of sad state, Riel releasing all this time he had not spent a lot of time with his sister’s or brother feeling like he barely knew them. While Moriko was being healed he spent a lot of time with her, reading her his poetry while she was healing up. Even helped her with her meditation since she never liked to do it that much; but he always seemed to enjoy it.  To surprise her he decided it finally time to join the military academy along with his elder siblings, thought he was 4 years late by Vaden tradition because of his training while he was away, he flew by the early basic training and was already in the advanced training with students older than him. Though because of his age and rank he wouldn’t be joining his siblings on missions any time soon, but he didn’t let this hinder him he went on plenty of missions with his other comrades  quickly proving his worth as a solider. 

    But it was during this time where the power inherited from his uncle started to resonate. Some of his basic punches even in training sessions would burst into a golden flame, and golden burts of fire would be seen stemming from his backside. His skin even released this same golden flame at times he least expected it. But it’s true power didn’t show till he was one a mission with his normal team and even friends the mission went complete hay wire as sudden attacks from dark mages out of radar came about leaving his team dead in the whole attack, leaving only him alive. But what was most surprising after this attack was a powerful roar that Riel emitted and the full form of his power releasing just for a moment. When Riell father heard of this attack, he was dumb struck he thought he would never his brother’s magic again. Releasing that Gabriell Vaden was still alive and was hiding out in Silverust City. Adam could do nothing but laugh, just the thought of his brother being alive brought joy to him even if he was hiding. He gave Riell a proper inheritance something that Adam always wanted for his last son.

    Riell would spend more time with his father Adam, and how he learned to control the latent power that his uncle left him. Riel would visit Eternal Memories a lot more often to train with his father, and then do missions for the Royal military. Everything was going perfect till that fateful day came where Adam passed away protecting his guild. Riell was on a mission at the time and had no idea of what was happening. He only found out when he got back, dropping to tears and sobbing. At the funeral even Adam’s brother Gabriel made a appearance although hiding in the back.

    Moriko was named the successor of Eternal Memories, as she was the oldest and first born. Phiron and Phirena became the captain commander of the entire Royal Military in the past two years. Riell focused on improving his rank throughout the military. His father’s passing still effecting him to this day, but going to visit his mother and Moriko every free time he got vowing to never lose another family member.  

    A Young Gabriell During his time in Silverust City.
    Gabriell Adam Vaden (WIP) Vaden_12

    RP sample: 

    “Intercept them at all costs!” words the rang through Riell’s mind as he was running on top of a building at an average pace. He and his team and had been tracking a couple of dark mages movements for about two weeks. These mages were planning on stealing an ancient gourd in the one of the old towers of Crocus. Crocus was the former capital of Fiore city, but dropped from it’s former glory and now tourist attraction for people wanting learn of Fiore’s history. Because of this many relic and ancient items still reside in Crocus some still capable of being very dangerous in the wrong hands. Which  was exactly what Riell and his team were trying to avoid.  “The dark mages are known as Calik, Misty, and Trogun mostly thieves with ill intentions, but recently their bounty has taken a spike for causing quite some destruction.” More words poured into Riell’s mind due to his partners Maria’s telepathy magic, she was floating high in the air mostly away from physical confrontation as distance was her best weapon.  

    “Guess we gotta stop them here then!” Riel sent back in a multi message to Maria and his other partner Drake. Drake was on street level driving a large heavy armored truck, powered by lacrima it hovered right above the ground and moved at a surprisingly fast pace. Calik Misty and Trogun, were running away on street level their bodies covered in large black capes each of them had white masks of different design to tell them apart. Riell would pick up his pace and make the first move forward, jumping from the building and kicking his right leg sending a wave blade of golden fire out towards them, but he aimed ahead to stop their run. The burst of fire startled them, and they had no other choice but to halt their run forward. The one known as Trogun turned his body around, only to meet Riell’s knee coming to his jaw launching him upward. Misty hissed at Riell coming at him with two black jagged edged knives she coated in some form of dark magic.

    “Careful Riel she coats her knives in poison magic.”

    Calik grabbed the end of his cape and spun it to cover his body, his black cape releasing three black metal chains with sharp claw hooks on the end of each of them. Riell back flipped back a total of three times avoiding Misty’s untrained strikes from her knives, and the chains coming from Calik’s cape. His last flip put him on his feet, where he launched himself in the air at a perfect timing getting him out of distance for Drake’s long range electrical burst attack. Hitting Misty and launching her back, and having her stunned. Riell landed on a stack of boxes behind him, and watched as Calik’s attack fell short when Maria’s using telekinesis to smash a large heavy box on top of him. Riell stood up his face going from it’s usual stern look to a broad smile of an easy successful mission.    

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