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    Moriko Vaden Magic App (WIP)

    Moriko Elizabeth Vaden
    Moriko Elizabeth Vaden

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    Moriko Vaden Magic App (WIP)

    Post by Moriko Elizabeth Vaden on Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:04 am

    Moriko Elizabeth Vaden's Magic Application

    Memory Make
    Type: Caster
    Element/aspect: Memory
    -Strength: 6
    -Endurance: 9
    -Speed: 7
    -Agility: 7
    -Stealth: 6
    Description: A Lost Magic which grants the caster, in this case Moriko, the ability to manipulate memories. It also gives the user amazing memory capacity, being able to memorize opponent's heart beats, footsteps and Magic. The caster can also create "memories" of themselves which are similar to holograms. This magic also allows the user to create new Magic spells by combining spells from other Magic which the user has memorized before. Furthermore, the user is able to negate Magic spells used by the opponent which the user also had already memorized by "forgetting" the spell. Unlike Ice-Make or Wood-Make, the caster does not need to place their hands into complex positions but merely places their fingers on the temples of their heads as a focus point and a chain of memories could be seen visible behind the user.


    Weaknesses: What's the underlying flaw of your magic? I would like to add that the greater your strengths. Typically your weaknesses are going to be just as painful as your strengths are helpful.

    Abilities: Your magic gets two passive abilities, Lost magic/Summoning magic/Requip magic all have premade abilities.

    Spell Template

    Rank: What ranks is the spell, Mods may ask you to change this
    Mana Cost: how much mana does this cost? Predetermined by Rank.
    Type: What is the Element, type of spell
    Pre-requisites: Is there a circumstance that must be met before the spell is used.
    Description: What does your spell do, be descriptive of what it actually does for you. Be as descriptive as possible.

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    Jayzaku Vista
    Jayzaku Vista

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    Re: Moriko Vaden Magic App (WIP)

    Post by Jayzaku Vista on Sat Apr 13, 2013 9:40 am

    lol calm down its memory/molding. So put that in the spot

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