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    asuna's magic [Complete]


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    asuna's magic [Complete] Empty asuna's magic [Complete]

    Post by kuroasuna on Sun May 05, 2013 8:31 am

    Magic Template

    nature body magic
    Type: holder
    Element/aspect: nature
    -Strength: 7
    -Endurance: 7
    -Speed: 7
    -Agility: 7
    -Stealth: 7
    A magic that absorbs energy from nature. The caster uses a magical item to gather the energy and can use that energy to enhance their physical capabilities, equipment strength, and also use it to deliver attacks. The energy can also be used to heal minor wounds and provide first aid on moderate wounds although not as effective on more severe and fatal wounds. This magic has a huge weakness towards fire and the energy will burn away in seconds if ignited
    *this magic are very good for a close ranged combat.
    *and this magic is very helpful because the user can heal her/his guild.

    *useless in battle with an enemy that can play sword.
    *destroyed the more nature, the more the power of nature is reduced.
    -the user can creates a poisonous things.
    -the user can jump two times and landed save and sound.

    Spell Template

    sharp fall
    Rank: D-rank
    Mana Cost: 25
    Type: element nature, offense
    Pre-requisites: before using this spell, the user need to jump first.
    the user jump and fall like a meteor. while in the air the user creates a square shaped leaf and stick it to the enemy. then the enemy unconscious and the enemy's mana will be taken ( 5 mana will be taken ).
    Duration instant
    cooldown 1 post/ 10 seconds

    Nature affinity
    Rank: D-rank
    Mana Cost: 25
    Type: nature/passive
    Pre-requisites: the user must be hit first and then the spell will automaticly appear.
    Passively casts Nature's Blessing on herself while being attacked at a certain rate, increasing the user's Elemental Resistance and reduces Damage taken for a small amount of time.
    Duration 1 post
    cooldown 2 post

    Rank: D-rank
    Mana Cost: 25
    Type: nature, heals/defense
    Pre-requisites:all the alliance must gather and touch her hand
    the user summons the spirit of the Forest, "The Flaring Fairy", with the spirit creating a circular aura that continuously Heals the entire alliance
    the flaring fairy:
    asuna's magic [Complete] 250px-LWS_AIRELINNA_Fairy
    Duration 2 post
    cooldown 3 post

    crescent kick
    Mana Cost: 25
    Type: Nature, offense
    Pre-requisites: N/A
    Description: the user kicks three crescent-shaped waves in front of her, traveling a moderate distance.
    Duration 2 post
    cooldown 3 post

    violent attack
    Mana Cost: 50.
    Type: Nature, offense
    Pre-requisites: The enemy must be in front of her or the enemy should be in the mid-air
    Description:  the user launches opponents into the air with a series of somersault kicks, then drills into them diagonally towards the ground.
    Duration 3 post
    cooldown 4 post

    Dive kick bombing
    Rank: C-rank
    Mana Cost: 50
    Type: Nature, offense
    Pre-requisites: the enemy must not move or the enemy have to stay silent
    the user does a series of kicks then does a spinning kick that makes her float slightly, then ends it with a crescent-style kick that hit opponents in front and behind her.
    Duration 5 post
    cooldown 6 post

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    Hikari Shirokawa
    Hikari Shirokawa

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    asuna's magic [Complete] Empty Re: asuna's magic [Complete]

    Post by Hikari Shirokawa on Wed Jul 10, 2013 3:14 pm

    I'll be grading your app and first of all, I'd like to apologize for the delay to check your application.

    Okay, let's get to it.

    -Please put Elemental Resistance under Abilities.

    Sharp fall:
    Please remove the 10 seconds and how can we block this spell?

    Nature affinity:
    The spell cannot automatically appear. I think it'd be better if the spell is cast by yourself.

    What kind of wounds does the spell heal?

    Crescent kick:
    Please be more specific with the distance and include the meter radius of the waves and speed.

    Violent attack:
    Cooldown: 5 posts

    Dive kick bombing:
    Please edit the pre-requisites again with more clarity.
    Duration: 3 posts
    Cooldown: 5 posts

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    asuna's magic [Complete] Siggy_22

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