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    Aina Cáel


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    Aina Cáel Empty Aina Cáel

    Post by Aina on Mon Jun 10, 2013 8:30 pm

    Aina Cáel 14739110

    General Info

    Name: Aina Cáel
    Nickname: Princess, Aina
    Age: 18
    Rank: A-rank

    Guild: Royal Family; Princess
    Guild Mark: N/A

    Appearance: Aina has long white hair. Most of the time it is worn on a tail on the side of her head. She has a pale white skin and light blue eyes. Being a princess means she often hears dresses and all those clothes a princess is suposed to wear. When in her normal clothes going out or in battle she wears a white/blue dress that stops at her knees with a white jacket above it and light blue boots on her feet. On her right eye she has a small scar from a when she was in a battle one time. Aina is a small slender girl.

    Aina Cáel Weiss_10
    Aina Cáel Weiss_11
    Aina Cáel Rwby_w10
    Abnormalities: She has a small scar on her right eye.
    Aina Cáel Scherm11


    Personality: Aina almost never talks but most of all not to strangers. People around her that know her well most of the time know what she means even if she doesn't speak. This girl is extremely shy which is also the reason she doesn't talk much. She tries to hide her shyness with being quiet. Aina often stutters when talking unless she trusts a person. She is really nice and doesn't see evil in people very fast. Often she tries to think positive about things but most of the times fails at it.

    Being a princess also makes her kind of lonely. She doesn't have much friends and doesn't really know how to deal with people. She kind of dislikes the life of being a princess. Locked up not able to go out and do stuff normal people do. Thats why she sneaks out sometimes and doesn't listen to what her father says.

    In a battle this girl can be bitter and cold. Even though she is a shy quiet girl she does not act like that in a battle. She does what she has to do een if it means killing someone. Aina can be kind of puzzling and mysterious as she doesn't give her true self away that fast.

    - Her pet: Aina has a little pet cat that is like her best friend. She cares about it a lot and will do everything to protect it.
    - Nature: Nature is something really magical to this girl. Since she doesn't come outside a lot she loves to be in a place with a lot of nature and no walls.
    - Snow: Snow is just beautiful.
    - Sweets: who doesn't like this?
    - Perverts: She doesn't like when guys hit on her. It makes her nervous and loses what to do.
    - Talk in front of a group of people: She's very shy and stutters when talking to people thats why she doesn't like this.
    - Noisy people: People with a big mouth and talking a lot and being loud is something Aina doesn't really like. She thinks those people are annoying.
    - Insects: Those creatures are just scary. Who likes them are sick.
    - Reading: Aina likes to read books when she is boring
    - Sleeping: Since she's home most of the times with nothing to do she sleeps a lot enjoying her dreams.
    - Singing: She likes to sing but doesn't like to do it in front of people.
    - Taking walks: She loves to take a walk. Especially on pretty places.
    - Being alone: She panics when she is on a place she doesn't know without anyone she knows.
    - Losing people: Aina is afraid of losing her family and people she cares about.
    - Death: She is afraid that she will be killed one day or her loved ones.

    Inspiration: Aina has a lot of dreams she want to come true. First of all she wants to win over her fears of talking to people. She dreams of a world where she can be free and no longer locked. To be true she never wanted to be a princess in the first place. It seems like the perfect life but its not. She also hopes she will meet the right guy some day so she can have a happy ever after.

    Character Background

    History: Once upon a time in a land full of magic there was a rich family. They had a lot of power over the land. On one they their first child was born and her name was Aina. From the very first moment she could understood and do things she was learned the things a princess should know. She never really got the time to be a child. This girl had no friends and only knew the people that had something to do with the royal family. She was learned how to use magic and fight when there was no one to protect her. This was something Aina did kind of like. Most of the things she had to do or act like where things she disliked. It was boring. When she reached the age of 6 her mother became sick. Her father the king was always busy with the stuff a king was suposed to do and never really took care of his family like a father should be suposed to be. Aina stayed at her mothers bed hoping she would make it. The sickness of the queen, Aine's mother only got worse and passed away not long ago. 

    Aina was broken about it and could only cry for days. She never felt this lonely and her father was not helping her but life goes on. Almost every day she got training in her sword fighting to use her magic with it and become better at it. There was one time the royal family was attacked. They had to fight back or loe their life. Of course it was not really the task for someone from higher places to fight but sometimes they didn't have a choice. And this was one of those times. A monster destroyed half of the castle. Aina could not watch it any longer and jumped in to fight with the military. She was not strong but it still helped a little. From this fight she ended up getting a scar on her right eye. 

    Now that she had become older she became more free in what she wanted to do. There where still rules about going out of the house but not as strict when she was younger.

    RP sample: Aina yawned walking towards the training hall. She had to train there every day to become a better sword fighter and get her magic working. She could use a little magic but somehow could not get it to work better. It was frustrating her and was about to give up on it. I will never be able to use magic.... she thought opening the door of the training room. There was already someone in the room waiting for her. Someone that was an expert on using a sword and combining your magic with it. "Are you ready Hime-sama?" He asked getting his sword out of his sheet. Aina nodded and was about to take her own sword out of the sheet but was stopped by the sound of a loud sound of something breaking. She looked at her teacher who walked towards the door but backed away as the wall was destroyed by a big claw.

    Aina looked in fear seeing a monster destroying the castle. The monster was breathing fire burning everything on his path. "Princess get out of here!" Was yelled but Aina was frozen on her place. People where trying to fight the beast to protect the royal family and the castle. Aina slowly walked the path that the monster had destroyed. Ash was flying around and dead body's where on the floor. How could you..... Was the only thing going trough the girls mind. She had an angry deadly glare on her face taking her sword out of its sheet. "You will pay for this" she softly said and began running. "Princess NO!!!" someone yelled. Aina didn't stop running holding her sword high to attack the monster. Her eyes began to glow suddenly and somehow her magic powers where unleashed. Aina fighting together with the people from the military. The monster got a glimp of the white haired girl slamming his claw at her. Aina was slammed away hitting the ground a few meters away. She gritted her teeth and stood up holding a hand before her eye. Blood was dripping from her eye lid on the ground. 

    She wanted to try some more to protect her home. She began running again using her magic powers to make herself faster than normal. The sword glowed white she she began jumping in the air. Magic circles appeared in the air on the places she jumped attacking the monster while she did. With a final slash on its head magical power came from the sword. White cold sparkling air came from the slash on the monster. before it fell lifeless to the ground. Aina stood there heavily breathing as she used almost all of her magical power to destroy the beast. From that day on she never had problems with her magic anymore and could use it freely. 

    Face claim: RWBY - Weiss Schnee
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    Aina Cáel Empty Re: Aina Cáel

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