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    Lucifer Blackwater[W.I.P]


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    Lucifer Blackwater[W.I.P] Empty Lucifer Blackwater[W.I.P]

    Post by Luci on Sat Jun 15, 2013 1:22 am

    General Info

    Lucifer Blackwater[W.I.P] 401962_475392732531330_1048231500_n

    Name:  Lucifer Blackwater
    Nickname:  The Shadow King, The Unholy One
    Age:  18
    Rank:  S-Rank & GuildMaster 

    Guild:  Schwarzwald
    Guild Mark:  Black; Upper left arm


     Lucifer is a tall young man, standing at five foot ten, and has a very skinny statue. he has raven colored hair that goes down to his chin, most of it to the right side of his face as bangs while the rest is behind his ear on his left side due to his glasses. lucifer has fair skin, with semi-dark blue eyes. Lucifer's attire consist of a plain white trench coat which reaches all the way down to his knees. The trench coat has several large distinct double breasted pattern buttons along it, some of them used to keep it closed, while others are simply for maintaining a professional look. The top of the trench coat is typically kept open down to his chest, revealing a pure white ,high collared, tunic underneath. 

    The pure white, high collard tunic has a thin light blue cross that goes from the collar to the bottom of the tunic. On the shoulders of the long trench coat, their are small straps that are held down by more of the distinct buttons. The collar of the tunic sports a diamond shaped buttoned that contains the leader V, which is for his middle name. The right side of his chest of his tunic, lucifer has a simplified version of the guilds crest inside a circle with wings. Under the tunic he wears white trousers and white trench boots. Usually while going out he wears a pure white hooded cloak that goes past his knees with two more distinct buttons at the top, also usually has the hood of the cloak covering everything but his mouth.

    Abnormalities: N/A


    Lucifer is a man that likes solitude 

    Likes: List your likes. You need at least 4. You do not need to explain your likes
    Dislikes: Same thing as likes only their dislikes.
    Hobbies: What does your character like to do? You need at least 3 and you do need to explain these briefly.
    Fears: What is this character afraid of. Like hobbies you need 3 and you need to explain them briefly. I would also like to add that 'just cause' is not a viable reason to be afraid of something.

    Inspiration: What drives your character? What is your characters goal. You need at least one and it must be explained well enough to understand.

    Character Background

    History: An explanation of what has happened to your character before his story here begins. This is expected to be at least 300 words.

    RP sample: If you are seeking an early C-rank, Magic council status, Lost magic, or Slayer magic you must provide an rp sample to show you can handle or deserve the magic. No you may not pm it to us. It’s quality will decide if you are worthy of giving the title to. I should add that you only get one chance on this. If we say no then that's something your going to have to live with. Overall application quality will also be taken into account.

    Face claim: Character | Anime/Game/Manga if not a character please place the url of your face here. If you do not have a face claim at all, put N/A.

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