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    Heero Villenn

    Heero Villenn
    Heero Villenn

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    Post by Heero Villenn on Sat Jun 15, 2013 9:35 am

    General Info

    Name: Heero Villenn
    Nickname: Belial
    Age: 19
    Rank: D-rank

    guild: Luna Soul
    Guild Mark: Cyan on his upper back right below the left shoulder.

    Appearance: Heero holds a rather unique maybe even slightly demonic appearance. He is 5'6 and weighs around 110 pounds but it's his sharp teeth and pointy ears that stand out the most. Heero doesn't really show a heavy muscle tone despite the fact that he has good strength due to his half demon blood. Heero's hair is pitch black while his eyes are a deep profound blue that have been referred to as the 'eyes of Luna Soul' by the current guild master of his guild. Heero also has a four foot long tail which he usually hides in his pants. Heero wears black slacks, a blue t-shirt, and a black or white jacket on normal occasion.  When Heero’s cooking he will usually wear a white apron if he has a choice in the matter. Heero also wears black gloves that have had the fingers cut off of them.

    Heero holds a posture that’s rather delinquent and he frequently slouches. His demeanor also comes off as delinquent and juvenile as well and their correct. Heero is quite Juvenile.

    Heero Villenn Tumblr_lqi8tgGpi31qg03uj

    When the seal on his body is released two surges of magical power burst out of his head and curve around his head like flaming horns.  When Heero releases the seal on his body his appearance becomes even more demonic than normal with his teeth becoming sharper, his pointy ears becoming longer, and his nails becoming sharp vicious razor claws. The tip of his black tail also radiates blue flame.

    Devil Heero:
    Heero Villenn Ao+no+Exorcist+-+12+-+Large+12

    Abnormalities: Pointy Ears, Sharp teeth, and a Long, black tail


    Personality: Heero's overall demeanor and personality is juvenile, delinquent, and obnoxious. He has a short temper and has a tendency to 'leap before he looks'. This has mostly been caused by external factors from societal rejection because of his inhuman abilities. Despite his aggressive exterior he’s a good guy. His temper has a way of making you forget that though or keeping you from taking notice of it. If you look carefully enough you’ll notice Heero taking out his anger on those who act like monsters. These are usually the same people who call him a monster and Heero usually retorts the comment. Heero has a natural love for fighting due to his half-demon blood.

    Due to Heero’s anger, he has a greater chance of going berserk than regular half-demons due. Only his guild master is shown to have the power to calm Heero’s anger quickly and efficiently or even do it at all. Anyone else whose ever attempted has been severely injured or killed.

    In a kitchen however, Heero’s entire demeanor changes from a complete nuisance to the leader in charge. He knows how to cook and knows he can cook. He’s organized, methodical, precise, an overall entirely different person in the kitchen than he is everywhere else.

    -The Moon and Stars

    -wasting of food
    - Family
    -people pulling his tail
    -Cold Weather

    -Cooking: Aside from breaking shit, setting things on fire, and making havoc, Cooking is the only productive thing he's good at so Heero is always eager to show off.

    -Fighting: Heero enjoys a good fight. Always has. It's a demon instinct sort of thing.

    -Peeping: Much less a hobby and more so just a thing he does when he gets an opportunity he enjoys taking every chance he gets to see clothingless women.

    -Losing: As a man who declared war on the world losing is not something Heero can afford to do.

    -Churches: He's half demon. Just being inside a church is problematic and the holy water and crosses can do a whole lot more damage than magic can.

    -Priests: The very bane of his existence and the group of people that most actively wants him dead are the deeply religious.

    Inspiration: As a kid due to his half-demon lineage, Heero was forced to declare war on the entire world. Because of this, he feels he can never lose and has the intention of forcing the world to accept his existence. Once the world's accepted his existence, he has won.

    Character Background

    History:It was just like any other day. The sun shined during the day, the moon was out at night, and during that time children were born. However not a normal child would be born that day. A woman by the name of Lucilya Katherine Villenn would give birth to a devil that day. Not a metaphorical in the future super villain bad guy but a literal devil. A species that is few and far between but is known well as the lords of hell. Names of the most notable Devils include Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, Astaroth, Leviathan; all names of powerful monsters of hell and most of which are still around today.

    This devil was a half devil whose father is unknown. The boy whose body was born searing in pale blue flames was named Heero Villenn by his mother. This however would not be the only name he was given.

    Word quickly got out about Lucilya's son and she was forced to leave the city where she lived and quickly hide away somewhere where the Religiously devout and the government wouldn't find her. This location would be somewhere deep in a forest a moderate distance away from Silverust city. Lucilya was protected by the guildmaster of the guild in Silverust city at the time Curtis Reverend.

    Curtis would become a father figure to Heero given he didn't have one. Although Heero never had any friends living in the forest and what not that were human. He would one day come across a fairy named Slyph and they would become friends. Sylph was a weaker fairy however and hadn't awakened the ability of fairy dust which most fairies have. Nonetheless Heero has never and never would care about the small things and they've been together ever since.

    One day however when he was 12 years old Curtis wouldn't be there when his real father came to visit. The almight devil, Beelzebub. Heero would be able to escape his father thanks to his mothers power as a mage however Lucilya would not survive against someone as mighty as Beelzebub and would die fighting the devil known as the king of flies but not before forcefully sending Beelzebub back to hell empty handed.  Heero would also hear the name he was given by his father for the first time, Belial.

    Heero would spend a few years hiding from the general public although eventually word would get out that a devil was running loose and his bounty spiked to 100,000,000 in mere moments thanks to religious influence although Heero wasn't that powerful. Although it didn't take long for him to catch word of Curtis' arrest and execution which he was to far away to see. Heero would live this way for 6 years. Over these six years Heero would master cooking good food with crappy ingredients and barely managed to avoid being caught over these few years by avoiding cities and hiding his tail.

    He would eventually hide in Silverust city and meet Victor Cross who was the guildmaster of Luna Soul, the guild Curtis had made. After a short while Victor decided to use his power as a Sage Knight for the first time to revoke Heero's bounty and let him join Luna Soul. Heero has been the cook of Luna Soul and an active member for about 1 year learning from Victor how to control his devil magic although Victor doesn't really know how Heero should be doing it either.

    RP sample: Bleh.

    Face claim: Rin Okumura | Ao no Exorcist

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