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    Kuzan Saitou [WIP]


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    Kuzan Saitou [WIP] Empty Kuzan Saitou [WIP]

    Post by Kuzan on Sat Jun 15, 2013 11:53 am

    General Info

    Name: Kuzan Saitou
    Nickname: None at the moment
    Age: Character Age
    Rank: D-rank

    Guild: Guildless
    Guild Mark: None at the moment, but one he joins a guild, the tattoo will be on his left pectoral.

    Kuzan is an average sized young man, standing at exactly 6'2 and weighing 172 lbs. He has a lean and muscular build much like that of an athlete's. He has red, ruffled and spiky hair slicked back until his neck with two strands falling on the opposite sides of his head, falling on his face. He has bright yellow eyes that somehow resembles that of a dragon's though the resemblance isn't that noticeable. His skin color is fair, close to being pale.

    Wade loves to wear rich and luxurious clothes. He always wears a black leather jacket with which somehow complements his red hair and yellow green eyes. His jacket has a fluffy, prominent and stylish fur collar which surrounds his neck. The sleeves of his jacket have white comforters on their ends, surrounding Wade's wrist. He only takes his jacket off if it is necessary like if the user is in a hot environment and situations like that. Underneath his jacket, he wears a plain, white and fitted V-neck shirt tucked in his dark blue denim jeans. His jeans are kept on his waist by a brown leather belt with a silver chain attached from the belt to his back pocket. He usually wears casual black shoes, but at some times, he is seen wearing combat boots especially if in battle. 

    He has a small patch of dragon scales on his abdomen. These scales were patched by Ioslogia (Kuzan's dragon parent) to cover a grave wound Kuzan got from being stabbed.


    Kuzan is a tenacious and adamant person, always wanting things to go his way. If he says yes, there's no way that can turn into a no due to his stubbornness. Once he makes his decision, it's hard to make him change it unless he wants to, something most people find irritating about him. However, this isn't always a bad thing since this trait makes Kuzan a man of his word, always doing what he says he will do even if he must take risks. If he promises to get you something or do something for you, you can rely on that because he will do it no matter what happens. When Kuzan decides to do something, there's no stopping him. He never listens to people who try to make him think otherwise and rarely changes his mind. He will never give up if he starts doing something and will never be moved by what other people say.

    Kuzan is a person who isn't easily interested by things. If you show him something that tends to make other people surprised, Kuzan will simply stare blankly as if he's not seeing anything, saying the word 'okay' in a plain and uninterested tone. This attitude of his makes it hard for other people to talk to him since he always acts bored and uninterested, something that obviously makes a conversation boring. He even falls asleep while conversing with someone even while he is in mid-speech. Sometimes, he acts rude to others, bluntly replying to the things they tell him which is the reason why many people are often irritated and annoyed by him. He is also pretty lazy, using most of his time to relax and slack off instead of going out and doing jobs like most mages do. However, if he wants to do something, this laziness of his tends to disappear, turning into conviction and determination.

    Kuzan is a courageous man. Any challenge put against him doesn’t make him feel nervous. He’s the kind of person who isn’t affected by pressure unlike others who tremble due to the intensity of the situation. If fighting against a mage far powerful than he is, Kuzan doesn’t feel afraid. He’s going to treat that guy just like how he treats other mages whatever his reputation is. Even if that person might be a Guild Master or anyone of that power, Kuzan will still step up his game. He’s also not afraid of losing and isn’t burdened by this, often shrugging his losses off and stating that he’ll simply get back up and do something else. And to top things off, he isn’t even afraid of death. If you dare him to do something that might cost him his life, he’s definitely going to do it. He does want to achieve his goals before he can embrace death, but if he has to, he will still be fine with it. So if you try to scare him with death threats, you’re just playing around with yourself. There’s no way he’ll be afraid of that.

    If the situation deems it appropriate, Kuzan can be quite humorous. He often jokes and messes around with his friends which can be really annoying especially to the person the joke is aimed at. If he hears a person say something that doesn't sound right, he likes to point this out and make a joke out of it which can be funny especially if everyone gets it. He can also be a prankster if he feels like it, making fun of others by making them fall into his silly traps. However, this attitude of his is only seen by the people he views as friends since he often acts rude to those he doesn't know.

    When in battle, Kuzan often does things with a mix of recklessness and thinking. He always charges into his opponents head on in a reckless manner, but while doing this, he’s actually thinking of what to do. This often leaves his opponents dumbfounded since they expect him to do something reckless like punching them directly when he did a move they never taught he will do instead. This makes him pretty unpredictable in combat which might give his opponents trouble since not everyone can decipher the unpredictable moves Kuzan uses.

    Likes: List your likes. You need at least 4. You do not need to explain your likes
    Dislikes: Same thing as likes only their dislikes.
    Hobbies: What does your character like to do? You need at least 3 and you do need to explain these briefly.
    Fears: What is this character afraid of. Like hobbies you need 3 and you need to explain them briefly. I would also like to add that 'just cause' is not a viable reason to be afraid of something.

    Inspiration: What drives your character? What is your characters goal. You need at least one and it must be explained well enough to understand.

    Character Background

    History: An explanation of what has happened to your character before his story here begins. This is expected to be at least 300 words.

    RP sample: If you are seeking an early C-rank, Magic council status, Lost magic, or Slayer magic you must provide an rp sample to show you can handle or deserve the magic. No you may not pm it to us. It’s quality will decide if you are worthy of giving the title to. I should add that you only get one chance on this. If we say no then that's something your going to have to live with. Overall application quality will also be taken into account.

    Face claim: Character | Anime/Game/Manga if not a character please place the url of your face here. If you do not have a face claim at all, put N/A.

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