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    Irias Anshargal Cael


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    Irias Anshargal Cael Empty Irias Anshargal Cael

    Post by Irias on Sat Jun 15, 2013 8:57 pm

    General Info

    Irias Anshargal Cael Ryuken-san-ryuken-ishida-31941615-600-338

    'They think they want good government and justice for all, Boy, yet what is it they really crave, deep in their hearts? Only that things go on as normal and tomorrow is pretty much like today."

    Name: Irias Anshargal Cael
    Nickname: Emperor , The silver lord
    Age: 40
    Rank: S-rank

    Guild: Royal Family
    Guild Mark: N/A

    Appearance: Having aged extremely well, Irias is a handsome man with short white hair that falls down around his face, coming down to just below his ears. Like his daughter, he has light blue eyes and pale skin. His clothes depend massively on what he's doing. Despite his position in life, he's never really been one for flamboyant outfits, the most shiny things about him being his mass of rings upon his hands, each embedded with a different valuable jewel, sparkling in the sunlight. Being bound in silver rather than gold like most rich rings, his characteristic bejeweled appearance earned him the nickname "the silver lord" back when he was a simple prince. Other than that, he tends to wear dark outfits, although the one light color that he tends to wear is white or silver, tying in with his hair.

    Irias Anshargal Cael ISHIDARYUKEN

    Abnormalities: His eyes being rather taxed by his magic, he has taken to wearing specially designed glasses when he's not having to use magic, thus allowing them to recover fully between incidents.


    Personality: Irias is, for lack of better words, a great man. Unlike his older brother who believed that he earned his power simply by being of royal blood, he believes that power and respect needs to be earned, and thus has made sure to go out of his way to do things worthy of being liked by the general populace. However, he would not admit it that openly, being a man who puts up a cold front between him and the rest of the world. The only person he puts his cold front down around is his wife, and that's because there's little point keeping it up around her. She was able to melt it once, what would the point be in remaking those boundaries?

    However, there is a part of him that is a bit cruel. No, not violently cruel, he refuses to do things that would hurt a lot of people or the realm as a whole unless it saves more people than it hurts. However, when he has to talk to people who he knows has done something wrong, he becomes cold, cruel and mentally playful, like a cat batting around a mouse before eating it. It's a habit he picked up whilst working with the knights, and has earned him a reputation besides that of simply being the leader of the country. Dungeons are feared, executions are terrifying, but little can scare a man more than a conversation with Irias when they're trying to hide that they've done something wrong.


    • Activity: He finds it very hard to deal with boredom, and thus prefers to have things happening almost constantly. They don't have to be massively important, and they can be small things such as a conversation, but he finds it disquieting to just sit there in silence doing nothing for hours on end.
    • Cold: Maybe it's something in the family, but like his daughter he loves the cold. Although, rather than snow, he prefers cold wind. The feeling when it blows against his face and brings about a form of inner peace is just exquisite.
    • Family: Loyal and loving to his family, though he rarely shows it openly, he's a very devoted husband and father and tries to make things best for his family and tries to protect them at every turn. This can easily lead him to get irritated when Aina disobeys him, which is frankly more frequent than he'd like.
    • Peace: Having worked as a Knight when he was younger, he loves peace throughout the country. There's a difference between dull silence and peace, in his mind, and that a high level of activity is a sign of true peace, where everyone feels comfortable to go out in public and have fun again.


    • Boredom: Tying in with his love of activity, he hates to become bored. He's not as easily bored as most men are, only able to become bored after a long period of absolutely nothing at all, but when things become boring he becomes restless and gets cravings to do something.
    • Ignorance: Whilst he has no problem with stupid people, he sees willing ignorance as one of the worst crimes a man can commit. It has become a saying of his "What you don't know is usually what gets you killed." and thus goes out of his way to get frequent updates about the country as a whole.
    • Optimists / Pessimists: The world is not in black and white, it's all in a very interesting and silvery layer of grey. Thus, those people who see the world as either a pisshole of pain, suffering and misery AND those people who see it as all raindrops and puppy dogs and candy make him feel like he's surrounded by idiots.
    • Sycophants: Though he's not overly modest, he dislikes people who sing his graces just to try to get on the right side of him. Respect is, in his mind, something that has to be earned. He knows he's earned it, but those who make him out to be a god-like figure just because they think it'll get them further in life makes him wonder whether he could ask the council to make it illegal.


    • Drawing: Even when he was a young boy, he loved to draw and after hours upon hours of practice, he has become amazingly good at it. He prefers landscapes to portraits, and thus leaves the royal portraits to hired professionals, feeling like it's more official that way.
    • Reading: Probably one of the most basic hobbies in the royal family, but he loves to read. Although, if he's being honest, he prefers non-fiction to fiction. His dislike of ignorance has spurred him onto making sure that he knows as much as humanly possible.
    • Talking: A gift most people in power have to become accustomed to, Irias has a talent with words and loves to talk. Well, that sounds worse than it is. He loves to have conversations and loves to discuss things, having skill in debating.


    • His family getting hurt: Although he doesn't openly show this, much like his actual love for his family, he's worried about the welfare of his family. When he was a child, there were enough assassination attempts on his life that he knows exactly what they'll be up against if they're not careful.
    • War: Doesn't every great man fear this? He has worked so hard to make the country a fine, respectable land after everything that had happened five hundred years ago, but he knows that peace is only a temporary state. War would not only hurt, or even ruin, everything that he's worked so hard for,  but it would put his family in danger.
    • Wild Fire: This is perhaps one of his more normal fears. He's pyrophobic, meaning that he's scared of fires. He can handle them as long as they're dealt with normally, such as in a brazier, a fireplace or at the end of a torch, but the moment it becomes wild and untamed, he flinches from it as if it's about to punch him. He lost one of his royal guards to wildfire when he was younger, and knows what it can do to a person.

    Inspiration: His motivation is the same one that most good men have when they become as powerful as he is. He wants to be able to protect Fiore, to keep it the great and powerful country that it is. It's why he has always respected the military, even working with them when he was the second in line for the throne, and why he has always believed that punishment should appropriately fit the crime, rather than going over the top just because someone threw something at him. After all, he can block it with his magic, why should he care if someone tries something like that? They'll be sorry for it by the time he's through regardless.

    Character Background

    History: Irias was born second son of the emperor X, brought into a world of power and influence when he was little more than a baby. He was educated by the best of teachers, and loved by the Empress rather than the Emperor, who always had a cold exterior to the world, and as he grew older and older he began to think of his older brother and father as stupider and stupider as the days went on. They truly believed that a god had chosen them to be on the throne? That they were so important, all they needed to do to prove that they were god's chosen people was to be born into the royal family?  He truly began to believe that his family were idiots, as in his mind if there was a god out there somewhere in the universe, he would not care a trifle for what happened in a small country on one continent on one planet. There was so many more important things to care about in this universe, why would he focus his efforts on a single family? He began to become distanced from his family, attending what they asked him to but never quite feeling like he belonged.

    As he grew old enough, he took on a job as a member of the Military. His father disliked it, saying that that job was for paupers and that a member of the royal family should never lower themselves to that level. However, he seemed to yield as Irias talked about how he'd likely never come to the throne with Arin before him in the line to the throne, so he needed to do something to help protect the country, and this was the best way for him to do it. So, from the age of 18, he started to work as a member of the army, and under the tutelage of his commanders, he become more and more talented with his magic. However, the more and more he used it, the more skilled he became, and the more it put a tax on his body. The thing it seemed to effect the worst was his eyes, starting to wear glasses.  Still, they didn't really effect him very much when he was working, and since he didn't really need them all the time, if he lost them in a fight, he'd have to rely on his body's strength rather than the magic. His bodyguards also joined the army to be able to protect him, working as a strong task-force for around four years. It was on his duty as a knight that he met the girl that would be his wife.

    Time's endless struggle continued onwards, and he soon found himself in a rather peculiar position. His older brother had died of a rather contagious disease. Thankfully, his younger siblings had managed to not be at the castle at the time it was still going around, along with the Empress herself, but his father had been keeping vigil. As distanced as he had become from them, he didn't even cry as he looked upon his brother's body and listened to his father's last words, complaining about how god could do this to his chosen champions. Even in death, he was a self-important fool. However, as he died, Irias became the next successor, and took the throne soon afterwards. His wife was crowned his Empress, and as time went further and further onwards, they were blessed by the birth of two wonderful children, Aina and Yoshino. Aina, naturally, was first in the line for the throne whereas Yoshino was second. With his life being as busy as it was, he paid small amounts of attention to his children, and before he knew it the Empress had sent his boy away to stop her interfering with Aina's life. It was one of the few times harsh words were exchanged, and Irias was around two minutes away from breaking her skull open for betraying him like that, but eventually he calmed down.

    Sadly, she died not too long after that, passing away of what appeared to be the same disease that his father and brother had died of. The people in the Empire began to rumor that it was god's way of damning the members of the royal family that didn't keep to the way of the light. The fact that Irias was seemingly immune, having never contracted it despite being with people many times when they died of the disease, made a lot of people think that god really did love him. Over the years, he became closer to the Sage Knights that helped him to control, run and protect his Empire. One of his closest allies would have to be Jayzaku, not only a sage knight but a guild master as well. During an attack on Crocus so serious that even Irias had to join in the fight, despite his bodyguard's complaints, he found Jay killing some of the attackers, and helping to protect the city. With such loyalty, strength and determination, he was a shortlister for the position, and eventually earned it as their friendship strengthened.  Now ruling the empire with a golden palm, Irias tries to keep an eye out for his son, and tries to protect Aina as much as humanly possible.

    RP sample:
    Era; The city of the thinking man, and the home of the magical council. The city was thick with shops and was one of the most economically stable areas of the country. They were a great amount of use to the general economy and in the darkest of times, they had often been used to make sure that the country didn't completely go under water. However, there was something around the city that cut it off from a lot of other cities, giving it a different feeling altogether. Yes, for the city was bordered in a dense woodland, known as the Godswood. Well, at least, it was to some people. It had many names, the names had been going around for centuries since the city was first built by the first creators of the country, it had once been considered for the seat of power in Fiore, a place the true king could rule from, and the forests would be his breeding ground for the religion of the earth. However, as Crocus came with the turning of the century, the concept for having it as the center of the country was forgotten by almost all, apart from those few who had built a palace for the leader to live in. That palace fell, and would eventually be rebuilt as the Magic Council's headquarters, representing a strange change in the way the world worked. However, despite this change in leadership and power, there was one thing that had never changed in the history of Era; The forest.

    The forest of Era had frequently been the subject of myths and legends, with many stories about how gods and ancient beings like nymphs and dryads moving through the forest at night. It was a strange concept, with all the strange beings that were already all over the world, why would people invent more and more strange beasts and false humans? It was almost like the people who claimed that a long time ago, sins walked the earth with angels and demons. There was no way that would have ever happened, nor that they would have been brothers and sisters. But, regardless, the people who go to the forest have often been thought of as extremely religious and people who work in summoning magic frequently came to the forest to try and see if there was really any spirit or being that they could perhaps sign a contract with. It was therefore rather appropriate that priests who still worshiped the old religion of the planet being a living object built up in the forest, and though they had no temples and no altars, they were as true of the faith as any living man could be of any other faith. There was no argument that they were loyal, that they believed in the earthland goddess. But, it was not that reason that a man was in the forest today, no, the reason for his current presence in the forest was completely distant to the priests, despite the clothes he wore.

    A man, in his mid-twenties and with a body that seemed to yell about an entire life spent as a soldier and a tool for the protection of Fiore, lay with his knees caught in the crux of a limb of one of the great oak trees that was around the forest. The man himself had his hair loose for the first time in a very long time, falling back as if he was underwater, keeping away from his face as he dangled, his sword hidden inside a nearby notch of the tree to make sure no passing criminals tried to steal it. It was on days like this that he had to come here to train, his home would be too noisy and too full of new recruits to be able to get any good practice in. His clothes were simple, a long white cloth wrapped around his body as if it was a series of bandages, giving the impression of a religious tunic. the only thing that was not the wrap was a pair of basic white trousers, making sure that even if his wrap fell down as he dangled, there would never be any embarrassing exposure, though who would care to look at it even if there was? the deer? The wandering priests? None, he believed. So, it was with that view that he began to work, using his balance on the tree to pull himself up, doing what was essentially an upside down sit-up, toning his leg muscles.

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