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    Yoshino Cael (WIP)


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    Yoshino Cael (WIP) Empty Yoshino Cael (WIP)

    Post by Yoshino on Sun Jun 16, 2013 3:30 pm

    General Info

    Name: Yoshino Cael
    Nickname: Yoshi, Miracle Prince
    Age: 17
    Rank: B-rank/C-rank (depends on what Heero is willing to give)

    Guild: Royal Family
    Guild Mark: N/A

    Appearance: Yoshino has white hair, purple/dark blue eyes and white skin which could be even called pale. His hair's length is long enough to just cover his ears, the hair’s model is usually kept the same which can be seen in the picture.  He is about 178 cm long and weighs about 60 kg. Yoshino has 2 outfits he can wear. One is his royal attire which he got from when he came back into the Cael family. The other was a school outfit which used he had gotten while he still attended school. Since the ring he got on his birthday was too small for him to wear, he put it around his neck as a necklace.

    School Outfit

    Yoshino Cael (WIP) L-elf_10
    Yoshino Cael (WIP) L-elf_12

    Royal Outfit
    Yoshino Cael (WIP) Valvra10

    Abnormalities: The royal outfit was made after Yoshino came back into his true family but he sometimes switches to his other outfit since it remembers him of his past. Also he wears the ring he got on his 17th birthday around his neck

    Personality: Yoshino is a laid back and carefree person. Yoshino usually isn’t serious and tries to make the best out of his life. Having grown up far away from the royalty he was supposed to be he learned to care about all the small things of life. This made him interested in all kind of (random) stuff like rocks, books and studying as he never had anything to play with. His life as a commoner had made him a hard working person even studying after work until its midnight. Whenever he gets interested he usually does everything in his power to get as much information as possible about the subject

    As he used to work in a restaurant as a server and dishwasher he learned that being friendly with everyone usually paid off. This made him get a lot of friends and respected by the people of his neighborhood. Even though he used to get bullied when he was younger. His past has made him unable to get really close to females as his only female friend died when he was 7.

    - Snow: For some random reason he is intrigued by both ice and snow
    - Books: As he never had that much stuff to do besides working he liked reading and studying
    - Stones: As he never had that many toys to play with he started collecting rocks/Stones, he is especially interested in diamonds and other rare stones.
    - Food: As he used to work in a restaurant he likes seeing and eating all kinds of delicious foods.
    - Heat/Warm climates: For some reason he prefers cold environments more than warm environments.
    - Unnecessary fights: As he always got into fights when he was a kid he hates it when people get into unnecessary fights.
    - Bullying: As Yoshino got bullied when he was little he hates it when other bullies other because of small differences.
    - Getting too close to females: Because of his child trauma he has been unable to get realty close to females, hopefully this changes in the future.
    - Cooking: Even though he never was a cook, he took cooking as a hobby hoping he would one day be able to help his adoptive family.
    - Reading: As he never had that much stuff to do besides working he liked reading and studying. This was also the only way for him to learn more about the world seeing he never was able to leave his home that much.
    - Dancing: Every month there used to be a small ball in the restaurant he worked at, this has made him start learning to dance.
    - Loneliness: Even though he has a lot of friends, he is scared people will leave him all alone one day.
    - His true family hating him: As he never knew his true family before he is scared that they will dislike him since he doesn’t have the same upbringing as normal royalty. Him getting bullied when he was younger also
    - Not living up to everyone’s expectations: Ever since he was born people had expectations of him, like him taking over the restaurant or become a great scholar. He fears not being able to live up the expectations of people.
    Inspiration: Yoshino has a few dreams that he wants to come true. His first and most important dream is making the world more equal. As he grew up in a relatively poor family he thought it was unfair others had more money than he had at the time. Especially since they had to work a lot harder for the same things. Therefore he wants poverty to disappear completely and make the world more equal.
    His second dream is that he wants Aina to look at him as he looks at her. Even though they are related by blood Yoshino has taken a liking to the girl probably since she was one of the first others he saw that also had white hair.

    Character Background

    Yoshino was born into the Cael family. Because of an unknown reason however he got sent away to a new home far away from the family. He got sent to the Takegawa family which at that time owned a restaurant. The family wasn’t that rich and the restaurant was relatively small. But it had a lot of frequent customers so they were able to fend for themselves. His adoptive parents treated Yoshino as they would treat their own, since they were infertile they were very happy when they got Yoshino even giving his new name. Yoshino never knew his true name neither did he knew why he was sent away, for some reason he thinks it’s his father’s fault.
    When he was a kid he used to get bullied because of his hair color. The color white was uncommon in the poorer regions of Magnolia and it gave them a reason to bully him just because he was different. One day after he was beat up so bad he could barely walk a red haired girl helped him get home and treated his wounds. She then would continue becoming his best friend helping him get rid of the bullies and even making them respect him. Years later there was a huge bandit raid and the girl died in a fire. Him being unable to save her, kept himself feeling guilty about the event.
    For some odd reason he felt attracted to cold environments and ice. Even eating ice cream as a casual snack. He believed it was something that was in his blood. As he became older he slowly started learning himself ice creation magic. It was hard struggle for him since he was only able to learn it by studying books. But he slowly succeeded nonetheless even though his spell could not be used for offensive abilities. As his parents noticed him being proficient in ice creation magic they sent him to an ice creation magic specialist where he learned to use the magic more offensively. When Yoshino became 17 he got a ring from his parents. It showed the Cael family symbol showing where Yoshino came from. Yoshino curious about his true parents went to the Cael family in order to find out why he was sent away and whether he could reclaim his position among the royalty to make the world a better place.

    RP sample: 

    It was a cold and rainy night, Yoshino couldn’t wait till it was after midnight. That day he would finally turn 17. As he slowly stood up he put his hand through his white hair. Hmmm 17 years old mother said she had a special gift for me when I finally turned 17. He slowly went down the stairs, it was common for them to celebrate someone’s birthday at midnight especially since the restaurant usually closed at eleven.
    When he came down he saw a huge cake  with seventeen candles on it. “Happy birthday Yoshino!” His parents cheered and his father lifted him on his back. “I’m not a little kid anymore!” Yoshino sighed and tried to get off.
    Few moments later Yoshino blew all the candles out and made an important wish. He wished to know where he truly came from, who his true parents were and why he was send away in the first place. As he opened his eyes he saw a small box on the table. “That’s the special gift we wanted to give you…” He slowly opened the box finding a small golden ring with an odd symbol on it. “The symbol is from the Cael family my dear, we looked it up when you were little”. Yoshino started crying he finally knew what his true family was. He hugged his parents and told them that even though he would try to meet his true parents they would still be his true parents.
    A week later Yoshino departed from his old home. He would try to find his true family and work himself into the family again. He longed for power to change the world in order to make the world more fair. He hugged his parents and kissed them goodbye. “I may be gone for a while but once I’m successful I will be back to tell you all about it”.
    Face claim: L-Elf - Valvrave the liberator

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    Yoshino Cael (WIP) Empty Re: Yoshino Cael (WIP)

    Post by Yoshino on Thu Jun 20, 2013 7:45 pm

    Done woopie doo
    Victor Cross
    Victor Cross

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    Character sheet

    Yoshino Cael (WIP) Empty Re: Yoshino Cael (WIP)

    Post by Victor Cross on Sat Jun 22, 2013 9:07 pm

    appearance: 117/150 Add 33 more words.

    Personality: 181/200 add 19 more words.

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