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    A Stroll [PM for Permission]

    Ishimaru Vista

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    A Stroll [PM for Permission] Empty A Stroll [PM for Permission]

    Post by Ishimaru Vista on Wed Jun 26, 2013 7:13 pm

    Walking down the streets of his family's town, Ishimaru had decided to go a little stroll across town to stretch his legs. He has been cooped up in his office for days ever since he became aware of the Forbidden Lost Magic. He is going to enjoy the moment that he surpass his brother on giving their family the power of world domination. And besides, he has all the time in the world. No one is aware about the Lost Magic but himself, but even if there were some that knew of it, he'll be the only person to have the resources to find it. He'll win either way, and he'll going to love every second of the day that he had reached his goal.

    Seeing a restaurant that had gained his attention, he decided to eat something that was not prepare by the family chefs in his family's home. Sure all of the food were delicious no question asked, but he sometimes couldn't finish all of it. And the chefs were always drama queens. He does not need drama when he just finished eating his meal. And that's why he sometimes enjoy eating at restaurants. The chefs there are less dramatic.

    Walking in the restaurant, many waiters and waitresses quickly became aware of his presence. A waitress quickly walked up to him to greet him, "Welcome to our restaurant! How many for today, sir?", she asked. "A table for one.", he replied as he was lead by the waitress to an empty table. "And what would you like to order sir?", she asked politely. "A large bowl of ramen, please.", he replied. The waitress seemed to be caught off-guard for some reason. "Really? Is that what you want?", she asked nervously as she is quite aware on who he is. Ishimaru simply stared at her, "Did I stutter?", he asked. "Uh no sir! It will be ready in a few minutes.", she replied quickly before running off to the chef.

    Ishimaru let out a sigh as he watch her going to the chef. Sure, he understand on why she was unsure of his requests, but he hardly think it was any good reason to be treated differently than others. He's a son of one of the most powerful family in Fiore and he's trying to research about a Lost Magic that can warp reality. He still thinks it's hardly any reason to be treated like he's above anyone. Everyone and anyone are capable of becoming great individuals if they were in the right condition. He would've gone on a long speech about everyone being similar to fruits by saying that when ripened, it could give the taste of that of a forbidden fruit. But he does not have the time, effort, or charisma to do any of it, so he simply waited for his ramen to be brought to him.
    Victor Cross
    Victor Cross

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    A Stroll [PM for Permission] Empty Re: A Stroll [PM for Permission]

    Post by Victor Cross on Sat Jun 29, 2013 8:12 pm

    Victor walked around the streets of Lamarion with a cigarette in his mouth. He really didn’t want to be here but he had no choice in the matter this time. Heero was sick with something this week and couldn’t collect the food supplies this month so Victor had to do it himself. The train wasn’t heading back to Silverust till tomorrow so Victor had to find something to do until then and dinner was a place to start as he walked into the first restaurant he saw and could afford.

    When Victor walked in he saw the nice interior of a low end family owned restaurant. It was a nice feel that he liked and was common in Silverust. If he ate out he always ate in places like this. Victor never did like fancy places.

    When Victor entered he noticed the conversation between what looked like some rich kid and the waitress and the waitress seemed extremely uncomfortable as she was leaving. Victor took the cigarette out of his mouth and blew out some smoke before walking over to the table on his own accord before the man at the front door had a chance to even say ‘Welcome’ and take Victor to his seat.

    “Hey hey now,” Victor called out to the kid. “Scarin a nice young lady like that ain’t a good thing. If anything you should be treating her to dinner you little shit.” Victor finished up his statement with his trademark nickname for just about every being on the planet. Everyone in the restaurant was astonished by Victor’s act probably because nobody knew who he was. They knew the name Victor Cross, the legendary spell master, but nobody, not even nobles knew what he looked like or how he acted. Even amongst nobles the only one who would be able to pick Victor’s face off would be Emperor Irias himself.
    Ishimaru Vista

    Posts : 7
    Age : 22
    Join date : 2013-05-23

    A Stroll [PM for Permission] Empty Re: A Stroll [PM for Permission]

    Post by Ishimaru Vista on Sat Aug 10, 2013 1:27 pm

    Staring at the new arrival, Ishimaru was thinking about who this fool was talking to. At first he thought he was simply a rude homeless individual who thinks he is somehow superior than him. But he than recall that everyone in this city knew Ishimaru Vista was and as such was treated with respect. This fool is clearly a passing traveler. But even than, travelers must show respect to others in hopes to make a good impression and not make some enemies. This individual before him is clearly acting as if he was someone who is on the higher food chain.

    Shaking his head as if he was disappointed at the individual, but in fact trying to clear his head. He than looked at Vistor in the eyes. "You talk as if you are higher than me. Clearly you are not from around here. But even if you're a traveler, you always have to show respect to others. But instead, you talk as if you are above me.", he said with a neutral expression. As if he was judging him. He than gesture towards the chair at the table for Victor to sit in. "Please. Seat. You have peaked my interest. Tell me about yourself and in return, I'll pay for your meal. I am Ishimaru Vista. Youngest son of the Vista Family. So who are you?", he asked Victor.
    Jayzaku Vista
    Jayzaku Vista

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    A Stroll [PM for Permission] Empty Re: A Stroll [PM for Permission]

    Post by Jayzaku Vista on Sat Aug 10, 2013 11:31 pm

    Jayzaku looked at his brother and the older man from his table in the back of the restaurant. It was very odd that he hadnt been noticed since he was wearing his Vista family outfit. He stood up from his table and looked to his date and smiled saying "Pardon me I will be right back I must restore the peace." He walked over to his brother and the old looking man and put his hand on his brother's shoulder and said "Hello little brother I see you have made a new friend. So how about you introduce us? Actually I have a better idea, I call the guards and have you arrested because I dont like how you are talking to my brother." Jay looked the man in the eye and snapped his fingers as his personal guards came to his side. Jay pointed at the man and his guards quickly grabbed him by his arms. This whole event made Jay smile as he straightened his jacket and said "Guys take him away just the look of him reminds me of that trash of a town called silverrust."

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    A Stroll [PM for Permission] Empty Re: A Stroll [PM for Permission]

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