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    Mana System Empty Mana System

    Post by Mage of Destiny on Sat Feb 21, 2015 12:41 am


    Your mana is dependent on what rank you are as a mage and what rank the spell of which you are using. The amount of Mana in which you have as a mage is below:
    D-rank mage: 300 Mana
    C-rank mage: 350 Mana
    B-rank mage: 400 Mana
    A-rank Mage: 450 Mana
    S-rank mage: 500 Mana
    SS-rank mage: 600 Mana

    As all of you have Mana, then that means all the spells must have a Mana cost of some sort, this means that all spells have a Mana cost depending on what rank that spell is. Below is the cost of these:
    D-rank spell: 25
    C-rank spell: 50
    B-rank spell: 75
    A-rank spell: 100
    S-rank spell: 150
    SS-rank spell: 200

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