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    Stat System Empty Stat System

    Post by Mage of Destiny on Sat Feb 21, 2015 12:43 am


    The Stats vary with what rank you are. You will go through the five categories and put in your stats. No Stat can be under 4. Once you have finished applying your stats, your points will add up to a certain amount. Below is the amount of points in relation to the ranks which you are:
    D Rank - 35 points
    C Rank - 40 points
    B Rank - 45 points
    A Rank - 50 points
    S Rank - 55 points
    SS Rank - 60 points

    Below is an example which would be for D Rank as it adds up to 35:
    Strength - 8
    Speed - 5
    Agility - 10
    Stealth - 5
    Endurance - 7

    Strength: The amount of damage your character does, and the amount of physical strength your character holds.
    Speed: This is how fast your characters attacks are, as well as how fast your character can move.
    Agility: This is how well your character can dodge attacks.
    Stealth: How easily your character can hide. As to perform sneak attacks or escape detection.
    Endurance: This is how durable your character is. How long he can last in a battle and determines how many hits they can take.
    Minimum's and Maximums:
    The minimum any stat can be is 4. At A rank this increases to 5.

    The maximum any stat can be is 25 and only one stat may hit maximum.
    At D-rank, the maximum any stat can be is 10 and you may have multiple stats at this maximum.

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