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    Aizou  Empty Aizou

    Post by Aizou on Mon Jun 17, 2013 2:19 pm

    General Info

    Aizou Shijin Cael 
    Empress, Ai
    B Rank
    Royal Family
    Guild Mark:
    Despite being 27, Aizou is pretty young looking with a doll like face and a petite figure which is not more than 5ft high. To fit that figure perfectly is her doll like face which is round and cute which makes her look so harmless that her words are usually not taken seriously because of this. This causes Aizou to desperately try and make herself look serious by usually pinning her long hair up or by putting up an expressionless face which she can’t keep for very long. Her round, green eyes which holds a certain depth to them usually glows with tender love and care for the people around her and her long, wavy, golden colored hair fits whole frame perfectly. It cascades down to her knees and gives her a fairy-like look. To add to this, she is usually seen wearing a floral gown with two beautiful hair accessories that fits her fairy like look


    Aizou, even though her name means love and hate, knows only to love the people around her. She cannot easily make a person look bad as she believes that everyone has something good in them.  She is a kind and sweet girl who grew up in the country side with a heart that cares. She is the type of person that would find happiness in other’s happiness and sadness in other’s sadness. She cannot see people sad or moody and she would try to do what she can to cheer them up. In addition to this, she is usually very shy which leads her to not completely get her point across most of the time. But one bad point of this personality is that she can be quite naive. She tends to blindly trust people around her and this gets her into trouble most of the time. This is also one reason why she sees good in almost everyone.  Growing up in the countryside, Aizou has a great love towards nature. She is usually seen sitting around the garden or somewhere where there are lots of trees and flowers. Those places seem to calm her down and restore her with positive energy.
    But, despite being shy and nice, Aizou is also pretty strong on her decisions. She would hold on to what she thinks is right until it’s proven wrong. She can accept her faults if she thinks they are true and will not hesitate to apologize for something she has done wrong. She is honest but not blunt. It is very hard to hear a lie from her and even if she does lie, anyone would be able to understand that she is doing so. Because of this, she lacks ability in deceiving others whether it’s with her actions or sweet words. But, when pushed to a corner, Aizou would show a drastic change in her personality, lashing out with harsh words and using her magic without a second thought. She rarely gets angry but when she does, she does more damage than anybody else.

    1.       Flowers:  Brought up in the countryside, Aizou seems to love flowers a lot, going as far as wearing floral dresses and such.
    2.       Freedom: Aizou loves her freedom. She wants to be like a bird, not tied down to anything or anyone or being controlled.
    3.        Countryside: Aizou likes the countryside a lot rather than the cities and the courts. To her, those places are a bit too noisy.
    4.       Kids: Aizou likes children a lot. Children rarely lie and they are very innocent which she likes.
    1.       Being chained down: Aizou likes to have her freedom. She doesn’t like it at all when one tries to control her.
    2.       Fights: Sandra is a peaceful person who hates fighting but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t. She tries to not start a fight as much as she can but ends up fighting if nothing works.
    3.       Luxury: Aizou does not like luxury much. She would rather live in a small house with enough facilities than a big one with too many of them.
    4.       Liars: Aizou just hates people who lie to her. She would like it if people are honest with hr even if it hurts her.


    1.       Singing: Aizou is a great singer. She loves to sing, sometimes for herself and sometimes for others.
    2.       Gardening: Being the nature lover she is, Aizou loves gardening more than anything. She is usually seen around the garden, planting or taking care of the plants.
    3.       Cooking: Experimenting in the kitchen is another hobby of hers. She loves cooking and loves it even more when others enjoy it.


    1.       Being left alone: Aizou, although is shy, doesn’t like to be left alone at all. She is scared of being left alone because of once getting lost in a forest.
    2.       Being controlled: Aizou is scared of being controlled by anyone or being influenced by someone. She wants to be able to think for herself rather than having thoughts put into her.
    3.       Being the centre of attention: Aizou, being a shy person is scared of bringing too much attention to herself. It can be related to something like stage fright.


    Aizou’s main inspiration to go on is her family. She is the type of girl that would do anything for her family, even if it means to put her life on the line. To protect her family is her prime goal. Secondly, Future is something that is unknown. What would happen? Nobody knows. Whether it is good or bad, it will depend on the person’s effort. Aizou wants to make her future a bright one with possibilities and it inspires her to work harder in whatever she does.

    Character Background

    Born on a beautiful spring day, a baby girl was given the name Aizou which means love and hate. Her mother and father, both common people leaving through what they earn by farming treasured their one and only girl child a lot. She had two brothers who took care of her and maybe even spoiled her a bit. They protected their little sister through everything and kept her happy because they loved her. Aizou never forgot to give this love back. She loved her family more than anything as well. She developed her love for nature here. She used to go to the forest nearby with her brothers to collect woods and would play around in the forests by picking flowers ad making flower ornaments with them.
    Even though their family was poor, they were happy with what they had. Aizou only had good memories of her father. They used to go fishing together along with her brothers and she would cry when she fails to catch one. Her brothers would then make her feel better and they would bring home the fishes that they have caught. Those were the times she enjoyed. The happiness in their life didn’t last longer though.  Her father died leaving them alone with nobody to take care of them. Her brothers tried to work hard but they were young. How much could they do? Her mother was left with no other option but to get married to someone else.
    Malik, her stepfather was completely different from her real father. He held no affection to her or her brothers; not even to her mother. Moreover, rather than helping them, he started to exploit them, never working hard, using all the money for himself, abusing her mother, hitting her and her brothers for no reason. Her family slowly began to turn into hell. Her brothers protected her as much as they can but they were powerless against the fully grown man that they were forced to call as father. But they somehow managed to live through all of this.
    Years passed and on the day Aizou turned 13, some things changed for the best. That day stared out as a happy one, her brothers and her mother getting ready to celebrate her birthday. What they didn’t expect that day was her stepfather getting drunk enough to try and kill them all. He barged in and started hitting her brothers and mother. He was yelling “I had enough playing nice.” He had a knife in his hands and he wanted to murder everyone. Just when she thought that everything was going to end there, someone helped them. The Emperor, passing by their house that day seemed to have heard the whole commotion and made it just in time before he could swing his knife at her mother. He became their savior that day, kicking her stepfather out of her and her family’s life forever. Aizou, from that day had something for the king that she couldn’t explain then. Days after that, she heard that the king was already married. Although feeling a bit hurt, she wished for them to live happily. She moved on with her life, with her family, working hard every day.
    One day, while visiting the city, Aizou heard about the Empress’s death and driven by something, she walked towards where she was going to be buried. She saw people, lots of them, priests, noblemen and so on attending the funeral. But there was only one face that she was searching for and it was the Emperor’s. Walking out of the cemetery, she went to the forest nearby. Walking through the woods, she found someone she least expected to find that day. The Emperor! Aizou wanted to extend her arms towards him, tell him that everything is going to be alright. Pushing her shyness away for just that once, she approached him.

    RP sample:
    Aizou covered her ears as she heard a crashing noise outside the closet she hid in. She was scared, shaking wishing for everything to just disappear. Her stepfather was outside, beating up her mother. She felt two hands wrap around her petite body and looked up to find her brother hugging her to his chest. To her left was her second brother, his hands balled up into fists as he gritted his teeth in anger to keep himself from barging in there to protect their mother. Tears rolled down her face and she grabbed her brother’s hand, silently wishing to gain enough power to make things alright. How did things turn out this way? When did their peaceful life get interrupted? She still remembered those happy moments she had with her real father. They used to live happily together. Why did he have to die? Why did God have to be so cruel to them? Ever since her mother re-married, this is what has been happening day and night. Their life turned upside down, their happiness was sucked out of them, and they were forced to go through this almost every day.  They were forced to hear their mother cry in pain and not do anything about it.
    A loud scream broke her train of thoughts and she felt her brothers push open the door of the closet to run out towards their mother. She too quickly got up to follow her brothers. Her mother was down on the ground with Malik standing above her. Their mother was beaten up very badly, various bruises covering her body. She saw one of her brothers swing a fist at him only to get kicked on his stomach and the other stood near her mother, helping her. Aizou just stood at the middle of the room, her eyes being hidden by her bangs; she had to bite her bottom lip hard to stop herself from crying out loud. Malik walked out of the house leaving them all alone there. Both of her brothers were now by her mother’s side, kneeling down in front of her while she hugged them both. Aizou took small steps towards them before completely breaking down. When? When will they be set free?

    Face claim:

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    Aizou  Empty Re: Aizou

    Post by Takashi Vista on Tue Jun 18, 2013 1:40 pm


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