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    Hikari Shirokawa [DONE]

    Hikari Shirokawa
    Hikari Shirokawa

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    Hikari Shirokawa [DONE] Empty Hikari Shirokawa [DONE]

    Post by Hikari Shirokawa on Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:07 am

    General Info

    Name: Hikari Shirokawa
    Nickname: Light
    Age: 17
    Rank: C-rank

    Guild: Luna Soul
    Guild Mark: Pink, On her shoulder.

    Hikari is an innocent and a cute teenager with pink hair which is silky and straight that falls down to her waist. She had fair complexion and bright blue eyes that make her look charismatic and appealing. Hikari has a fascinating and captivating smile which gives off love and warmth. Although she plays basketball, her physique is petite with a height of 5 foot 6 inches and weigh 107 pounds. She has a lean body with great curves but she never shows them off. Hikari likes to wear over-sized T-shirts with short pants, black leather jackets and jumpers with skin-tight jeans, pants or trousers and she always have headphones on her head everywhere she goes.

    Hikari Shirokawa [DONE] Luka-Megurine-megurine-luka-16966503-1280-960
    Abnormalities: There's a big scar on the back of her left shoulder down to her waist.


    Personality: Hikari Shirokawa is a generous and an amiable person who likes to stay alone and listens to music. Though she doesn't do much shopping, her fashion style is never outdated or boring. She might look calm and cold on the outside but once you get to know her you will find her really sociable, friendly and innocent. Her good sense of humor makes her popular at school and not only that, she's very athletic. She is a kind of person who would beat the hell out of anyone who had underestimated her or who had hurt her friends. Hikari is an extremely stubborn girl who never gives up, doesn't listen to what others say and always do whatever she likes. She is impatient but an optimistic person who likes to sing and play instruments. Hikari is rather clumsy and very careless, but works exceptionally hard to be the best mage in the guild. Although she's naive and childish, she looks really charming and sweet whenever she smiles. Hikari gets really nervous and shy when it comes to guys and her face would turn to bright red when she gets too close or in touch with them. She is usually very open and straightforward, who would say frankly on whatever she thinks. She loves to play basketball to spent her free time or to get rid or her anger and sadness. Hikari is a unique girl who likes to be challenged and would never back down or admit defeat to any of her rivals until they are crushed by her. Despite she's candid and honest, she can be really mysterious sometimes.


    • Basketball

    • Chocolates

    • Music

    • Her guild


    • Dirty locations

    • Bullying

    • Annoying people

    • Insects

    • Reading: She adores reading as much as she loves to play basketball. She believes that reading her a wide range of knowledge and helps her to communicate easily with people.

    • Listening to musics : Hikari is very fond of music who likes to play instruments and sing. She would often have earphones or headphones plugged in her ears.

    • Basketball : Hikari loves playing basketball and she'd play it after school or after she has finished her mission.


    • To be defeated : Hikari loathes losing and admitting defeat to her opponents than anyone else.

    • Betrayal : Hikari fears to be betrayed by her friends or her loved ones since she lost her whole family when she was young.

    • Spiders : Hikari is extremely scared of spiders and would run around screaming if she sees any of them.

    Inspiration: Hikari's motivation is to make her guild the strongest in Fiore and to become the most sturdiest mage in town. She resolved to avenge for her father's death as soon as she becomes an invincible and the most powerful mage.

    Character Background

    It was the day of Christmas Eve when Shirokawa Hikari was born. Hikari laid there gracefully in Yamadu's lifeless arm, who died after giving birth to Hikaru. After Yamadu's death, Hisagi stopped working and started drinking and gambling. Later, he came to lose all his money and wasn't able to provide enough support for Hikari so he had to sent her to an orphanage for her own good. She gained many new friends and had the change to educate herself. There, Hikari grew up to be a good-nature, elegant and gorgeous lady. Since she was young, she had great interest in constructing toys especially weapons. At the age of 12, Hikari believed that her father was still alive and decided to search for him everywhere. She left the orphan and promised her friends that she would come back safe and healthy. During her journey, she went through deserts, dense forests, mountains, fought ogres and faced many obstacles but she managed to overcome these circumstances. After spending days and months searching for her father, she finally came to a stop where a certain town was located. As she entered the town, she sensed a feeling that her father was somewhere around this town. Feeling elated, she grabbed a photo of her father out of her bag and asked around the people whether any of them knew him. Fortunately, she came to ask an old man who looked like he was in his early nineties. He claimed that he had seen the guy in the photo and that he was once a powerful mage at Lamia Scale. What's a mage like? And what does he meant by the word "he was once"?, Hikari wondered. Hikari did as the old man told which was to go to the guild for more information. As soon as she found the guild, she barged into the door and rushed towards the counter. Everyone was glaring at her. Although she knew that she was being rude, she had so many questions to ask to her father that she had no choice but to ignore those icy stares. "Er ... Excuse me. Can I talk to Shirokawa Hisagi, please?" Hikari asked bluntly, feeling embarassed. The lady at the counter stared at Hikari from head to toe with wide eyes. "Are you Hisagi's daughter?" she replied, after minutes of silence.
    "I'm sorry, he's not here anymore," she muttered, averting her eyes away. "He died on his mission which was to defeat the master of the magic world," she croaked at the sound of it. The word master of the magic world echoed in her mind as Hikari's eyes widened. So many questions popped into her head as she slumped her body down with tears rolling down from
    her eyes. Now she had lost everything. She had no friends to help and encourage her, and no parents to guide her to the right way. The lady came out from behind the counter, holding a small piece of paper which was neatly folded. The lady bent down to face Hikari and using her
    thumb, she wiped the tears from her rosy cheeks. As she handed out the paper, she felt some sympathy for Hikari. "Here, your father left a message for you." Hikari stared at the paper before taking it from her. She read:

    Dear Hikari,
    I have been finding you since I became a mage at this incredible guild. Iregret very much for leaving you at an orphanage and I know I shouldn't. Your mother's death affected me deeply and yet it also encouraged me to start a new life. I wanted to protect you and never ever wanted to hurt you or to be lonely. So, I want to request you to join the guild I am a member of. Under the protection of the master of the guild and your new friends, I'm very sure you'll be far more than safe and you'll be able to make the right decision. I want you to become the strongest, invincible and most well-respected mage in town and to make your guild the strongest in Fiore, which is my last wish. I just want you to know that during all these years that have passed, I have never forgotten you and my love for my daughter will ever remain the same.

    With Love,

    Hikari clutched the message close to her heart, tears streaming down her cheeks. The lady hugged her warmly as Hikari sobbed quietly in the lady's chest. Hikari wiped her tears away and she was determined to start a new life and do what her father instructed her.

    Uwaa! Such a refreshing day! Hikari smiled and clasped her hands behind her back. She closed her eyes and felt the breeze caressing her face softly. As she walked further along the way, she caught the sight of wishing pond. She approached to it and took out the only coin from her pocket, wished something good for her future and threw it into the pond. Hikari grinned like an idiot as if she had ruled the world and turned back around abruptly. Without realizing, she bumped into a person with her back and send the person falling into the pond. Hikari gasped, utterly shocked with her clumsiness as she squelched into the pond and helped the person climb back to her feet. "Good grief! I'm so very sorry! Are you okay?" Hikari stumbled a bit on her feet, helping the girl who fell into the pond.

    Face claim: Megurine Luka from Vocaloid

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    Jayzaku Vista
    Jayzaku Vista

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    for C-rank.

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