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    Ember Alaya WIP


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    Ember Alaya WIP Empty Ember Alaya WIP

    Post by Maia on Thu Jun 20, 2013 5:14 pm

    General Info

    Name: Ember Alaya

    Nickname: Ember, Em, Pyro, Phoenix Heart

    Age: 19

    Rank: A-rank

    Guild: Phoenix Flame

    Guild Mark: Red; on the right side of her neck

    Ever since she can remember her hair has always been a deep red color, with some black highlights underneath that goes down to her butt. The biggest issue anyone seemed to give her was of her hair, always saying it was an unnatural color to have. Though she never cared. Her lip have always been full and soft, with no other help needed. She also has a pretty large breast size, which is completely natural and definitely likes to be hidden from others around her age. She almost always wears some sort of camouflage or foresty green color as a shirt, and then camouflage cargo pants with black combat boots. She also normally wears a little back around her side, for her music and headphones or little bits of other miscellaneous objects which seem to keep her easily entertained. And her necklace, a small little phoenix bird to remind her of her duties and family, never leaves her neck, aside from when she has to clean or fix herself and she doesn’t want to ruin it. She has black fingerless gloves that protect most of her hands for punching and hitting things, without the impact ricocheting and hitting her as well.

    Abnormalities: She has another tattoo on the inside of her wrist, cursive letters saying ‘Phoenix’. Then she has a scar on her face going from underneath her eyes to her jawline, on the left side of her face.


    Ember is an extremely energetic and lively person. Almost every person she meets always wants to talk with her longer, or just be with her in general. She’s also protective and caring of anyone she comes in contact with, as long as they aren’t trying to hurt or kill her. Her guild has always looked up to her from the moment she was first brought in as a baby. They love her dearly and think of her as a type of older sister, or if they’re young almost like a mother. She’s very mature for her age, of only being 19, and people believe her to be around mid to late 20’s because of it. She’s a hothead though, that will easily get her into trouble. She can sometimes be a little timid around others who seem too similar to her own personality. Like someone who is extremely mature as well, who would probably scold her childishness and energeticness ways. Many people can sometimes become intimidated just by her energy and power because she has just so much power in what she does, not necessarily fighting.

    Though when she fights because she is forced to, she becomes feral. Like a-whole-nother person has jumped inside of her body and taken over. Her eyes darken and change into their cat-like slits and her mouth turns from a normal energetic grin to a scowl with her canines poking out of her lips. Sometimes she even gains a deeper voice and an intimidating posture (the way a feline would crouch slightly waiting for the kill) that could leave someone frightened out of their mind by just looking at her on the sidelines.






      No relaxation time
      Destruction of her home

    She loves training as much as possible to keep herself in good shape and ready for battle at any time because that is what her family has taught her all of her life since she was extremely young.
    She plays any sort of music she can, be it with her voice only, her guitar, or her drums. There is always a way for her to show her artistic side in her room with her music. She loves it greatly
    Helping the little kids
    She hates seeing little kids so scared and helpless. When she sees them scared, she takes them to safety and plays with them, or keeps them company until someone else can watch them and take care of them
    She's been through so much pain and suffering, she doesn't want to have to deal with it anymore. It's what deeply scares her the most
    She is deeply afraid of someone making fun of her for something bad she's done. It always makes her freeze up and show her timidity, something she doesn't like all too much
    She fears the fact that no one will want to be with her, or stay with her. She fears she will be alone forever if she messes up something, like a bad saying, or she forgets something. She fears someone will just, leave and never look back

    Her biggest inspiration, in fact her only inspiration, would be that she wants to keep her family's home and life in tact and as strong as ever. She wants to be able to take over the family guild, Phoenix Flame, and become the strong guildmaster, just like her grandfathers before her. She wants to be remembered as a great and powerful guildmaster, that was fair and understanding, though protective and rutheless against enemies wanting to hurt her and others.
    Character Background

    History Ember is the latest descendant of the late Phoenix Alaya. Phoenix Flame’s first guildmaster who sacrificed himself to save all of Fiore. Since he passed away, the Alaya family has only had male guildmasters watching the guild and making sure everyone was where they should be in line with the guild. As Ember is the first guildmaster that is a woman, maybe it’s time for history to be written for her instead.

    It started with how a normal day is with the Alaya family. Ember was training with her mother and grandmother in the art of her magic. The magic that the women of the Alaya family learn in case they need to survive the most; Primal Magic. It is basically when a person-or in this case woman-may take on the traits and abilities of those they have taken a DNA sample of. The easiest way for the Alaya family to have that required DNA, is take its blood. Due to the effects of Primal Magic, it turns out that Ember has a tail, and ears of the first animal she ever took as her practice. And in this case, it was a simple and innocent black panther, so her family could see just how well she was at taking an animal bigger than her.

    Though as she was practicing with her balance and breathing exercises as her grandmother and mother suggested, there was a big disturbance within their household and guild hall. The three looked at each other in confusion and worry, something was wrong, but what? Ember was the first to run through the back door to see the commotion, only to find her father and grandfather defending against a whole group of jealous and rival people from another guild. Ember barely managed to keep the whole group away from her family before they killed her father and grandfather. Something died within her that day, making it so it was hard for men to ever get too close to her again. Though at the time she mourned them greatly, and ended up creating something larger than anyone could have anticipated for a long, long time. She had managed to create an even closer resemblance to the black panther, and was able to take on even its most dangerous traits to fight the men that had dared defy the family’s luxurious and ever loving guild hall.

    She had managed to tap into something greater than even her mother and grandmother could ever do, and they watched in amazement as she changed more into a black panther than they did into their own respected animals. She grew longer claws from her nails, her canines grew over her lips, her tails bristled and spiked, her ears flattened and bristled as well, her eyes even changed colors and the pupils turned into slits. The men that broke into her home stared at her with confused but unwavering glances, and that was their biggest mistake, because once they did, they had no reaction time as to when she charged them and clawed through their chests, into their hearts. She says to this day she did it because they had no hearts to begin with, but everyone could see in her eyes the bloodlust and psychotic gleam that showed in someone who enjoyed what they were doing.

    So afterwards, when she realized what had happened and stopped to stare around her, all the extra abilities and traits crawled away from her, and left her with teary eyes and balled fists. She had never cried so hard in her life, and vowed after that, never to cry again. And when the guild members finally came back after some relaxation time at the beach, or missions that had taken place at the time, they looked at the place, astounded and had dubbed her-with her mother and grandmother’s consent-as the new guildmaster. And she swore, unless either her heir/heiress died, no one would ever forget the name of Alaya, nor their guild Phoenix Flame.

    RP Sample:Ember comes from a normal family, at least for her own thoughts. She is the great, great, great granddaughter of the first guildmaster of Phoenix Flame, Phoenix Alaya. he was the man who first became big with the guild, saving many lives and helping as many as he could. She remembered tails of what all that her grandfather had done to save Fiore. The biggest one was of when he had saved the Magic Council, saving his guild from being taken away.

    “100 years ago, there was a great man by the name of Phoenix Alaya. He was your great, great, great grandfather Ember. He was the founder of an amazing place for Mages, called Phoenix Flame. That’s where your mother and I met each other. The guild looks like it’s on fire! It’s outer color is red, with yellow and orange bordering it, just like flames. Your grandfather Phoenix liked to say he brought it up from the ashes; just like the old coot himself. He was the greatest man to ever live Ember, you should be proud to have him as a grandfather.

    “He managed to save many lives many different times. Like the city of Fiore itself. There was a great fire. It was dangerously close to many people, and what do you think he did? That’s right, he ate the fire himself and swallowed it whole, because of his magic. Then he went after the one who attacked the town, it was a grand fight, and he possibly would have died, had the villagers not stepped in and helped him defeat the enemy. They helped because he had saved their home, their only place to live.

    “And then, later on down the path of being the Phoenix Flame’s guildmaster, he made the hardest decision in all of Fiore. One that no one ever had to make again. It was when he was much older and wiser, and had already settled down into the life of a normal and easy going guildmaster. He had to sacrifice himself to save Fiore from the evil clutches of his dragon. Remember the dragons that could teach humans the way of their elements? Well, Great, great, great Grandfather Phoenix was trained by the famous fire dragon. Though what was scary was he wanted to defeat the Magic Council so that he could take its money and glory, and then move on to the other cities. Though luckily Phoenix was there at the time, having a talk with some of the council members.

    “When he found out about what his father-figure dragon was doing, he tried communicating and talking with him. The dragon instead, decided it would be better if everyone had just died. So, without thinking, the dragon let out a large burst of fire, trying to hit everyone in the vicinity at once, to knock them down in one blow. Except, since your grandfather was still the guildmaster, and a skilled fighter, he defeated the fire with one big swallow! Then looked up at the dragon defiantly and shouted at him, “Why are you doing this?! Why not just leave us alone?!” Though the dragon merely scowled and lunged at him.

    “So, what your grandfather did instead of just let him eat him, was lunge into the dragon’s mouth and shove his sword through the roof of his mouth, into the dragon’s brain. Though in the process he ended up getting impaled with a tooth. Everyone looked for him and tried saving his life one way or another, yet there was nothing that could be done. Your grandfather had sacrificed his last days to saving the Magic Council, and forever afterward was known as the Dragon Slayer ofo Flames. He became the first Dragon Slayer of all time.”

    And so, Ember has looked up to her great, great, great grandfather in respect and envy, hoping that one day, if and when she became Phoenix Flame’s guildmster, she would do all she could to save it, and Fiore just like him. She wants to keep everything peaceful and safe, just like he did to his last day."

    Face claim: Eva/Molly Wei| Oban Star-Racers

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    Post by Heero Villenn on Tue Jul 02, 2013 5:30 pm

    Just add the rp sample you showed me in the pm.
    Heero Villenn
    Heero Villenn

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