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    Guild Insight - Eternal Memories

    Moriko Elizabeth Vaden
    Moriko Elizabeth Vaden

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    Guild Insight - Eternal Memories

    Post by Moriko Elizabeth Vaden on Fri Apr 12, 2013 9:58 am

    "In life, we collect memories, some of these are good, others can be bad or dark, but all these memories make us who we are... These Memories are Eternal, these memories help us determine our futures..."
    Adam Vaden's final words

    Guildname: Eternal Memories

    Founder of Guild: Adam Vaden

    Guildmaster: Moriko Vaden (Moriko of Memories)

    Guildmembers: Jazaku Vista

    Guild info:
    Adam was part of the Military and was from the Highly known House of Vaden, an extremely prestigious family within the Military of Fiore. But his idea were different to most in the family and he was a lot more sentimental than needed to be in the Military or his family. When his first child, Moriko Elizabeth Vaden became 9, Adam left the Military and founded a Guild by the name Eternal Memories.

    This guild was named because of his magic, Memory Make, which was passed down to his first daughter, Moriko. He believed that Memories were incredibly important as they made people who they were. Even f those memories were not good or were evil and dark, these memories were what made people who they were and so he dedicated in teaching his guild members this. After 6 years his guild became rather well known.

    There was a large scaled attack on the guild three years later and Adam protected his guild, but he died, he is buried in the garden of the guild, which is like a peaceful sanctuary that the new Guild Master has to be sent to cool down. The New guild master was his second child, Moriko Elizabeth Vaden, the one he wanted to keep his legacy going.

    She has been Guild Master for 3 years.

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