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    Moriko Elizabeth Vaden
    Moriko Elizabeth Vaden

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    Moriko Vaden Character App Empty Moriko Vaden Character App

    Post by Moriko Elizabeth Vaden on Tue Apr 09, 2013 7:39 pm

    General Info

    Name: Moriko Elizabeth Vaden
    Nickname: (Moriko/Mori to guild members but is Lizzy or Aki to family or Military friends/ comrades) Title is Moriko of Memories
    Age: 24
    Rank: S-rank

    Appearance: Moriko's appearance is that of what looks like a 19 or 20 year old in the face. Most people get her confused because of her appearance to do with age. She has short white hair with a black bow and silvery blue eyes. She normally wears a color theme of green and boots of some kind, be it black or brown. She never goes anywhere without her black ribbon and will always wear it, another reason for people to get confused with her age. She never wears trousers and so there is always a skirt or dress involved, her two favorite colors are green and blue, so she always is wearing green or blue clothing, sometimes, she goes for Kimono's but most of the time she just goes for skirts or normal dresses. She wears black gloves most of the time and long black sock or tights. She walks with a manner of still being in the military, her posture is always perfectly composed. She gives off a sense of self-pride which she doesn't actually have.

    Moriko Vaden Character App Konpak10

    Abnormalities: She as a massive scar on her back, a large line that goes diagonally down her back from a sword.


    Personality: Moriko is a heartfelt person who always sees the good in people, she is kind and loving but with a wild spirit to her. She may seem like a normal girl but she is one who if you tick her off, she can get incredibly scaring and angry, even towards her siblings. She is very protective of every one in her guild and those who are in the Military or her family. She is also one of these people to wander off and loose track of where she is going, normally needing someone to find her and get her back on track. She is a strong women who is passionate about anything close to her heart, she would even be a passionate lover if she ever found someone truly right for her. She gets annoyed when people start disrespecting her guild or her friends or the Military, including her family. She never lets anyone bad mouth any member of the Military or she will scare them into never saying a bad thing again, she is good with making people live their worst night mares and she would not use magic to do this. So if someone's fear was being suspended off a really high place upside down, she would be able to do that. She is definitely not one to mess with once she gets herself into a real bad mood, there are times people who know her, like her siblings, have to force her to meditate to relax because if they don't make her do it, someone will end up dead.

    - Likes sitting on the roof of her guild and watch the sky or the people below
    - Likes seeing her family from time to time
    - Likes adventures and missions
    - Likes falling asleep on her older brother when she can get the chance.

    - Hates Meditation, but if she doesn't do it when she gets annoyed, she will kill someone
    - Hates it when her siblings teases her about childish things
    - Dislikes it when people criticize her cooking
    - Dislikes when her guild members fight too hard

    - Gardening, it keeps her calm, makes her guild pretty and her mother used to garden
    - Reading as it keeps her mind active and also as guild master, she has to read a lot of paperwork
    - Singing or humming tunes as she has always done when she is completely content and peaceful

    She was inspired by a lot of people whom were either her family, or military personnel, not all of them could be names as she keeps them close to her heart but most of them are not alive. Her main inspiration is her siblings, Phiron and Phirena, who had always been protective of her and the rest of their family. They were the reason for her wanting to help people and to be the best in everything she does. He was the reason for her to keep her determination for walking, she even was inspired to do the right thing and become the guild master, they told her that everyone needs protecting and they were no exception to that, she loves her siblings very much and aspires to be as protective and strong as them.

    Character Background

    Moriko Elizabeth Vaden was born into the House of Vaden, a well known household that has always been part of the Military, she was born as the oldest child, her younger siblings Phiron Duo Vaden and Phirena Duo Vaden who are twins but fused in one body three years later. For the best of her childhood, Mriko was unable to walk due to weakened muscles in her legs which she inherited by her mother, Elizabeth Vaden, she was the only child whom suffered with this. She spent more time with her brother/sister than anyone else, they were the only one that seemed to give her determination to strengthen the muscles so that she could walk, at the age of six, she was then able to start walking with the help of her brother/sister. Their family enrolled her into the Military Academy at the age of 9, most of their family had pushed the members of the family to be enrolled at the age of 8, unfortunately because of her legs, she was enrolled in at the same age as all the others were done.

    When she became 18, she went on a large mission with her siblings by her side. Six year previous to this, she got news that her father had decided to leave the Military to pursue a life as a guild master, creating a guild in the name of his magic which he taught to his oldest daughter. The Mission was a very brutal and harsh one and Moriko being trained in close quarter combat was always close to the fight. But this one was different, just like when she was younger, she ignored a warning from her siblings to not get too into the fight, she was sliced by a sword in the back, a massive wound ran deep, now all was left was a scar and two younger siblings who blamed themselves for not stopping her from getting too into it, one who is always saddened to see the scar when she wears a swim suit or some other piece of clothing that reveals the massive scar across her back.

    Their father became a great guild master, but an attack come upon the guild and he protected everyone guild member. When Moriko and the Phi's found got message of this attack, it was too late, they got back to see their father on the floor, blood covering him. He named the successor of the Guild, Moriko, he also told the truth of what her name should have been when she was born, as both their father and Mother thought they were going to have another boy and Akihiro was going to be the name of her if she was a boy. So the nickname stuck as Aki or Lizzy, her middle name and Mother's name being Elizabeth. She became guild master at the age of 21, meaning she was a Alpha Commander, meaning she was an A rank, she became S rank a year after becoming Guild Master, now at the age of 23, she stayed at the guild, still being the Guild Master of Eternal Memories.

    Her mother still lives at the guild.

    Rp Sample:

    P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }P.western { }

    Roleplay Sample:

    She kept on running, seeing the smoke rise from the village which she always seen as her second home. Her double Katanas at her right hand, ready to strike at a moments notice. She stopped as she got to the entrance of the village, her eyes fogged by anger and fear for the safety of those whom she called her family, she bowed her head panting. “I should have been here... I promised him I would take a holiday and visit... now look at this place...” The female dressed in green walked toward the large burning building, falling to her knees.

    Tears welled up in her silvery blue eyes at the sight of the guild her father built with his own two hands burning to the ground. The short white haired 21 year old Alpha Commander of the Royal Military, Moriko Elizabeth Vaden could not believe her eyes, the word of the attack of the guild came to them as a shock, Phiron/ Phirena was with her when she got there. But Moriko did not keep track on them.

    There was a cry out from a member of the guild, she stood up, looking in the direction of the cry, her heart skipped a beat, seeing a bloodied body on the floor. She stood up and ran over, tears now filling her eyes, “no... no this can not be happening... please...” Being from a military family, you would expect her to be strong and ready to see people die. But it was wrong this time.

    She fell to kneeling next to the body, he seemed ageing, dark hair which was fading grey. Her shaking hands went over the body and applied pressure to the wound on his stomach, she looked like a scared child almost. The man wheezed slightly, she jumped, “F-F-” she couldn't speak, she started shaking a little more.

    The man moved and opened his eyes, his eyes silvery blue, “My little angel...” She looked deep within his fading eyes. “Papa... who did this to you...” anger fought itself into the eyes full of saddness. “I will make them pay!!” she was now shaking in anger.

    He slowly sat up, she gasped and helped him, “Papa... don't move please... huh...” he pointed to a group of people, they were carrying bodies away, “They are the ones who attacked... I told them t-to give the people a proper burial..” he started coughing up blood, she gasped, “Papa!?” She lay him back down.

    Two mages ran past her, towards the burning building, water mages, they built up their magical energy and started fighting the fire with their water magic. Her father smiled, “They are all good people... times like this makes people who fight each other work in perfect harmony...” the two mages kept on working together.

    He took her hand, she gasped, “Don't you dare start telling me your will... please... its not your time...” He kissed her hand, “My daughter, my beautiful daughter... I accept my death, one day, in a very long time, you will have to do the same... but don't think about that... I want to give you a gift... a gift for a life time, my guild, my third prized possession, my other two prized possessions or should I say three, are my children... you, phiron and phirena... I love you three dearly... But I want you to be the guild master of my legacy, Eternal Memory...”

    She gasped, “Papa...” He put her hand to her cheek, “Tell your mother I love you dearly and tell her even when I am gone she can't the key to my liquor cupboard...” he smiled, she couldn't help but smile. Tears now falling down her cheeks, She put her hand over his. “Moriko... I need to tell you something...”

    She gasped and looked at him, “what is it...” she looked almost scared, “We thought we were going to have a boy... so we were going to call you Akihiro... that's why I have always called you Aki... You have always asked me why and now...” he felt pain once more, his eyes closed in agony, she gasped, “Papa!!! You can't die!!!” he slowly opened his eyes, “Now I have told you... I love you and the rest of the family so very much... look up...” she looked up a tree near the guild, pink blossoms all over it, she smiled, “Beautiful...”

    “In life, we collect memories, some of these are good, others can be bad or dark, but all these memories make us who we are... These memories are Eternal, these memories d-determine our future...” his voice became quiet near the end his eyes closed, the last thing he saw was her smiling at the cherry blossoms.

    Her eyes widened as she looked down, his hand went limp in his, she gasped, tears falling down her face like a waterfall, “No... nonono... NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She screamed in agony. All the guild members gathered around, the fire was out, the two water mages exhausted. She clung to her father, someone took her away from him, she didn't realize it was her own brother at the time.

    A week after his death, and the guild almost completely rebuilt, everyone stood in the sanctuary, Moriko could not stand, she sat on the floor, near the little lake, she watched as they lowered the coffin into the ground, she had her little sibling/s holding her. She slowly walked over with the help of her sibling/s and put some cherry blossom flowers into the hole, “G-good bye p-papa...” The dirt went over it. She walked into the guild hall, “I have already told the military that I have left them... father wants me to keep his legacy going... so that's why I am here...” she looked at all the mages there, “In life, we collect memories, some of these are good, others can be bad or dark, but all these memories make us who we are... These memories are Eternal, these memories determine our future... they were my father's last words... this is the saying for Eternal Memories... I will not let him down, I will be the best Guild Master I can ever be... Eternal Memories!!”

    The guild members cheered, “Eternal Memories!!!” She smiled slightly, at the door way, she thought she saw her father, smiling, but when she looked again, he was gone. She smiled, “Your watching over us... thank you... papa...”

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    APPROVED! Make sure you do your Rp sample though.

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