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    An unexpected visit [Jay]


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    An unexpected visit [Jay] Empty An unexpected visit [Jay]

    Post by Irias on Sun Jun 16, 2013 8:54 pm

    Life is weird. You do not need a degree in biology or sociology to realize just how weird life is, and the fact is that it doesn't even bother hiding it's absurdity. This was one of Irias' deepest held beliefs, along with the fact that ignorance is inexcusable and that respect is something that is earned, not given freely. The strangeness of life, it appeared, was going to be affecting today's outcome. Besides the fact that his mere position as head of the royal family was weird enough, there was also the fact that he was sitting in the back of a carriage driven by his personal Chauffeur heading through the countryside and towards Fire City. He had had a lot of free time recently, and though he could probably have spent some time bonding with Aina, he had decided that the best way for him to spend his time would, instead, be to track down and find an old friend of his. Well, perhaps saying old friends was a bit of an exaggeration. A friend at least.

    Looking out the window, clearly bored out of his mind, Iri tried to think about exactly what it was that was making him have so much free time recently. Normally he'd be busy doing something boring like looking after foreign dignitaries or having to go to a meeting about the economics of the country. There was little more that he could do about the economy as it stood, the world wasn't doing very well and no matter how smart a person was, they couldn't fight global failure. But, recently, he'd been left with almost nothing to occupy his free time. To such an extreme that he was actually going to be able to pay attention to an old friend of his. Besides, he'd heard rumors about a building feud between two families, one of which was led by Jay himself, so he could hardly afford not to pay attention to this. He knew that it might be a problem, and if it turned out to be one then it would be best to know everything before hand.

    As the car arrived in front of the guildhall, Iri ran his heavily-ringed hand through his hair, the precious stones embedded in each ring brought to life with the daylight and the present but flickering florescent lights, sparkling with beautiful colors of green, red, blue, black and especially silver. However, despite that, his outfit didn't seem particularly extravagant. Wearing a pair of leather boots that went up to around halfway between his knee and foot, a pair of dark grey trousers that were held up by a simple belt, although that itself was hidden under his silver long-coat and his black smart shirt. Propping his glasses back properly on his face, he looked at the guildhall. So, this was the hellhole that Jay had become Guild-master of? He smirked silently, it fit the man like a glove. This was going to be interesting to say the least. Of course, they would expect him to knock on the door, but he wasn't a man to do what people expected of him. Walking up the stairs, flanked by a pair of servants, both in black ring-leaders coats, he merely pushed open the door and walked inside, glancing around at the members. People seemed to notice him quickly enough as he allowed his eyes to wander around the room, looking for his friend.
    Jayzaku Vista
    Jayzaku Vista

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    An unexpected visit [Jay] Empty Re: An unexpected visit [Jay]

    Post by Jayzaku Vista on Sun Jun 16, 2013 9:37 pm

    It was a beautiful afternoon in Fire city. It was there at the guildhall for Behemoth did Jayzaku rest his head on the couch in his private quarters. He was somewhat tired as he had been doing paperwork all day and night yesterday. He had been really bored but busy recently as many people had been joining the guild and everytime he got a new member he got more paperwork. He usually would do it on the spot but his attention was focused elsewhere. The Vaden family feud with his own had been growing pretty big over the past few months with some members getting into physical altercations. This troubled him greatly, it troubled him to the point of wanting to react. Although he wasnt yet the head of the Vista family he still felt like he should do something.

    A knock on the door came of his office. The door then slowly opened and someone poked their head through. That person was Oliver a mage that had just joined Behemoth when Jay helped him get off the streets. He walked in and said "Ummm excuse me Mr.Vista I just wanted to say thank you again for helping me get out of trouble and stuff you know. Silverust city is a terrible place compared to here but anyway I just wanted to say thanks." Jay looked at the boy and smiled as he stood up and put his hand on his shoulder. He smiled greatly and said "Dont mention it man and remember if you need anything and I mean anything just come to me and I will help you out." As the two then shook hands the mages down stairs let out a loud gasp and the whole guild got quiet.

    Jay and Oliver then rushed down stairs to see what exactly was going on. When they got down the steps they saw everyone in the guildhall beginning to bow down. Jay was in a look of shock as he walked towards them and yelled out "What the hell is going on around here?" He then turned around to see the emperor and he then joined them in bowing down. He looked up at the emperor and said "Oh your majesty forgive me I didnt realize you were hear forgive my foolishness. But people tell me sir what brings you all the way here to Fire city or otherwise my domain. I get alot of visitors through here but none that are as special as you..... my old friend." Everyone in the guildhall looked very confused as they began to whisper among themselves "Master Jay knows the emperor" and gossip on.

    Posts : 5
    Join date : 2013-06-15

    An unexpected visit [Jay] Empty Re: An unexpected visit [Jay]

    Post by Irias on Mon Jun 17, 2013 6:06 am

    People started bowing down in front of him as he stood in the guild hall, his eyes stroking over the walls of the entire hall. Looking down at the mages, he noticed one of them looking up to try and see his face. This was an interesting kid, he had to admit this much, and as he matched gazes, he smiled back. Well, maybe smile was the wrong way to phrase it. It looked like he was a cat who had just caught a mouse, or a dog that had just caught a cat. The boy seemed to shake noticeably and if Irias' nose was as good as it once was, he'd just wet himself. That... that was ridiculous. Rolling his eyes, he let the boy look away before turning to the man that had just come into the room. The appearance was all too familiar, medium-length brown hair, white suit jacket that seemed oddly close to his own servants, and that odd cloak of his. He had to stop himself from beaming widely at the mere sight of him, however that was the exact moment that he started bowing too. Wunderbar, because this was exactly what he wanted out of a friend. He valued Jay as a friend, not as another boot-licking toady.

    Moving across the guild-hall slowly, the heel of his boots making a loud clacking noise with every step, metal against wood, he made his way across the hall until he was standing right in front of Jay, looking down at him. It looked for a moment like he might just raise his boot and crush him like a bug, but instead he crouched slightly, so that their heads were around the same height and matched his stare, keeping his eyes locked on Jay's for a moment as he spoke.
    "If I wanted you bowed in front of me, Lord Vista, I would not have made you a sage knight." He said, his voice at first scolding like an older brother telling his younger sibling off for doing something stupid. However, as he continued to speak, there was a sudden affection in his voice.
    "Now get up before you get dirt all over your clothes, I don't want to imagine how your servants will complain about you behind your back if you're not more careful." he said, his earlier smile turning into an actually warm one, no longer bothering to hide his happiness to be back near a friend rather than just another boring sycophantic peasant. He wasn't his older brother, he neither wanted nor needed these people to bow down before him, but he couldn't just tell them they shouldn't either, that would be unfitting for a man of his standing. 

    As he stood back up, the nearest servant to him moved in and whispered something in his ear. Turning to him, he showed a rather unpleasant expression. Rather than the playful smirk as he'd had earlier or the warm smile he'd shown to Jay, this was a scowl. Something that looked dangerous, as if he was about to tear the person who'd annoyed him into pieces. The man backed away slightly, a little shocked that he was the victim of this.
    "I'm sorry, Carsten, who in god's name do you think you're talking to? If I catch you telling me how to act ever again, you'll be out of a job and find it surprisingly hard to get another one. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"
    "Crystal, sir!" The man said, snapping to attention.
    "Good, now go wait in the carriage. Nils will be enough of an escort, and I think you need to have a little time to cool your head before talking to anyone... unless you fancy losing that tongue of yours permanently." He said, to which the man nodded and slunk away back through the doors. Turning to Jay, he smiled apologetically.
    "You just can't get the staff."

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    An unexpected visit [Jay] Empty Re: An unexpected visit [Jay]

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